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Saw my first pair of Google Glass in the wild at Sundance this year. How freaking dumb do you look wearing those things?!! A lot. /No clothes the emperor has.
Seems that there are already NLEs out there that do all of that. Maybe I need to go read the patent to see what exactly is patentable here...
I never do an EFI firmware update... anymore. Every time before when I had done one, the computer was screwed up afterwards. /just my experience
Hmmmm, I get $9599 with it maxed out. Unless you are counting adding displays and such...
I'll just leave this here: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20111115140541AAAej2X
Not whining, just know that they didn't need to make it JUST for iOS7...
Have to have iOS7... meh.
This is why I always bought my blank dvds, cds and hard drives in Belgium... no "we assume you are a pirate" tax.
Michael is awesome. I would like to hear his "hands on" with the new Mac Pro as well...
I had this on a 17" way back... I posted in the Apple forums about my experience and was contacted directly by Apple. They replaced my older model with the brand newest 17" -that happened to be the last of its kind :(
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