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That video makes me mad! I'm glad she was arrested. It's one thing to complain when you are "spied on" in your home/back yard... it's another to attack a guy because he was out playing with his heli.
They should have a category for 10lbs or less and 25mph or less with less restrictions. That would cover a huge swath of rigs. I rarely shoot with my Red Dragon on a heli/drone... don't get me started on insurance for such a flight! GoPro 4k is good enough for almost everything. Anything more, and there is usually the budget to pay for a real heli.
And a nice set of regulations will stop someone from using a drone in a bad way right?Or will bad people just ignore the regulations?
Yep, you are fine and dandy if you do it for "fun", but the moment you make money off of it, you are illegal. Go figure.
Remember this is just for commercial drones. This is much better than what they have done up to now. You needed a private pilot's license including the physical to get the certificate... now you just need the written exam every 24 months. Sounds like the FAA are slowly getting their act together here.
I must have got lucky with my Mac Pro then... worked flawlessly with HUGE Red Raw files editing all day every day for weeks. Used FCPX and Premiere Pro CC.
So since this might have seemed like an under-the-table deal, where people might have maybe been paid a bit to push for iPads... let's just accept the blatant payola for Microsoft and Google products instead... screw the actual children that are there to learn.
I have used Apple products for years and am a great supporter of everything Apple (sorry, just had to include a troll-tastic beginning there), I use Facebook every day and get tons of work from contacts on there (I'm in the film business). And, it helps me stay up with family without actually talking to them ;)
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