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Premiere CC can't save a copy that works on CS6. Once you make a project CC, you HAVE to use CC.
But they have only released one "big" version since going to CC... just like they always did with their .5 upgrades.
Saw my first pair of Google Glass in the wild at Sundance this year. How freaking dumb do you look wearing those things?!! A lot. /No clothes the emperor has.
Seems that there are already NLEs out there that do all of that. Maybe I need to go read the patent to see what exactly is patentable here...
I never do an EFI firmware update... anymore. Every time before when I had done one, the computer was screwed up afterwards. /just my experience
Hmmmm, I get $9599 with it maxed out. Unless you are counting adding displays and such...
I'll just leave this here: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20111115140541AAAej2X
Not whining, just know that they didn't need to make it JUST for iOS7...
Have to have iOS7... meh.
This is why I always bought my blank dvds, cds and hard drives in Belgium... no "we assume you are a pirate" tax.
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