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Let's say that's all you ever see or read before you buy the iphone 3g. Twice as fast as what? What is twice as fast - startup, shutdown, opening apps, picture taking, throwing against a brick wall??? Why assume web browsing? Now, if you do read the fine print, it will tell you what they are talking about and how they came to that conclusion... but then you would know that you aren't guaranteed those speeds everywhere, or all the time, or even at all. Angel's advocate
Just got it. Still free! I was just talking to some friends yesterday about an app that would do this. Now my iphone can get at the 80gb of music I spent most of 2004 converting from my cd collection.
So what would happen if Apple comes out and says he has cancer again?? AAPL would tank. Either way, the stock is going down. The only difference is aapl would stay up a bit longer.
So don't fall into their 'trap' and buy things from them???
They tried this on me when I switched to a lower monthly rate plan. Their excuse was that some dishonest people signed up for the highest rate plans, then changed the next month, after they had tons of rollover minutes, to the cheapest plans. I asked the guy why that would be dishonest since those minutes were paid for already... he credited back my unused rollover minutes.
Looking to add 1 new 3g iphone to the 3 1st gen iphones we have... I talked with an AT&T support rep today and was quoted $9.99 for the extra line then $20 for the iphone plan... I asked them to double check that and they said that is all the info they had. Obviously they don't know much yet... From what I gather, it will cost me around $50 extra a month. Not gonna happen.
So, you did read that it requires a NEW 2 year contract... you have to finish your old one first, or pay the termination fee.solipsism beat me to it.
Yes. I was going to give my original iPhone to my son and add a new 3g for me... but it looks like, having the family plan and 3 iPhones already, that I would be paying at least $45 a month more just to add a 3g iPhone- plus the $199 for the phone! I don't think I will do that. Wow, 2 Apple products that I won't be the first to buy in one year! The Macbook Air, and the iPhone 3g... \
From my experience, yes. I lived there for 8 years and cell phones are beaucoup bucks! Unless you do a pay as you go... but then you pay more per minute - ok if you don't use many minutes.
And why is it that anyone who speaks well of Apple is a fanboi?
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