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SWEET! Now watch the selloff tomorrow...
I would love that. I would like to be able to buy French artists stuff with my US account.
It's amazing how people don't understand that.
Selling iphones unlocked in France without a lawsuit, $100 back to early adopters of the iphone... more?
Talk about arrogant... One of the first rules in business, be flexible (both parties involved!). It should be fun to see who dictates what to whom here.
When I lived in France, incoming calls were not free. I think they have some services now that are free... I'll check with my family in law... Prices seem about inline for France, they rape you everywhere they can.
Not yet... but I didn't come up with this strategy, the head of a huge multinational company did. There might be a reason that Jobs is such a major player in the business world (hint: he thinks up new ways of doing things that might not be conventional).Nothing to worry about then, it will take care of it's self
And that is why you aren't the head of a huge, multinational company making big waves in all areas that you enter.
Where did the 300% $$ go? Did they choose to live above their means??? And now they have to suffer the consequences?????? It SUCKS to be an adult doesn't it.In both these cases (ipod and iphone) Apple is the one who innovated, and made a product that people want. Now, companies losing money (Big Music and Voda) want a share in Apple's success. You can buy another mp3 player, you can buy another cell phone. I don't get why it's greedy to invent and sell something that...
Don't you think Apple will change when they see all those contracts waning and they start loosing money? Or, maybe, they will bring back contracts in a big way... The iphone is a market changer.Exactly. Nothing will happen if people keep buying it.
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