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So if you got an iphone as a gift, you aren't entitled to the refund? And fire 800 people because of it? Seems full to the brim of BS to me. Unless there was a company memo that expressly said not to try for the refund.
Really? I think compared to the competition, it requires less and costs less as well.
Ah, but you see, Apple laptops ARE (or can be easily) Windows laptops... especially with Leopard!
Steve Jobs made no money on those options. And, his board and general council were telling him it was OK... He has been cleared of ANY wrongdoing in that affair. The options he sold for the $646 million were from years of options, years that he took $1 as CEO. If he hadn't turned Apple around, he would have made negative money on his options. Better than the golden parachutes of CEOs elsewhere! Troll somewhere else.
Hopefully those who bought a Mac within 30 days of launch will get a free update... probably not though. So much for my last iphone rebate!
If they were using laws instead of pulling numbers out of ...er... a hat, then I would agree. Either they have info or not, the rest is speculation.
Why can't they just say "We think they will do this or that" instead of saying 80% chance... and why not 99%? There's still that 1% that can save your butt! BS, FUD (or the opposite?) to raise the stock price and take some profits. You will know when they have sold their shares when the price drops 5-7% in a day on a "bad outlook". Just like Men At Work's first album... Business As Usual. //glad I bought my stock in January!
But you can use an ipod or iphone on a PC or a Mac...But when people get a taste of Mac's "taste"... they just might switch.Get a taste of Microsoft's "taste" and you'll need mouthwash. That's why they try to MAKE you stay.
I think it is. My Macbook Pro had the battery just stop working (on a business trip), my daughter's macbook has been in the shop 3 times in 9 months (bad HD, bad charger and bad keyboard), her iphone has been changed 3 times (4 iphones in 3 months!)... and one of my iphone rebate certificates didn't work at checkout buying our new imac (had it restored, but wanted to use it for that purchase... oh well, Leopard, here I come!). The good thing is, Apple has fixed everything...
Just got a 20" Alu iMac on Saturday. All updates applied. No problems yet, and my boy plays Lego Starwars II constantly on it too.
New Posts  All Forums: