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That price is the subsidized price. But, yah... They don't pay Apple anymore, so they raise their rates??
Why would you think that?
Just because I'm telling everyone I ever meet... DO NOT GET YOUR DOMAINS THROUGH REGISTRYWEB.COM OR JOKER.COM!!! I paid for 10 year registrations for around 15 domains and registryweb let them expire after one year and did not notify me. A couple of the domains were transferred to joker.com before expiring. Of the 15 I registered and paid for, only 2 are still registered (in their name of course!), and that, because I caught them before they went on the chopping...
But these are tariffs in addition to VAT.
"Copyright April 2 2008." Nuff said I think...
Recently though, Wu has become a FUD Packer.
Shaw Wu: OMG AAPL is falling!!! Sell! $175 price target... what? AAPL is at $180?? eh, new price target... you can buy again after you lost all that money selling... WHAT?? It's at $187??!?!?! Ok, new price target... um... $220
Ok, so how do I get my refund for the 5 adapters I have at home that are frayed and spark? There's no way I have proof of purchase other than I have the frikin' things in my hand and I was a registered Powerbook and ibook owner.
You are one of the exceptions that makes the rule. Plus, you already had it installed... How else can you explain a triple in users so fast? And how else do you explain the rampant email viruses that thrive in the PC world? I guess there could be a bunch of f*cking morons using Mac too. I just haven't seen it.
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