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But that does not take into account The Great PC Meltdown of 2008. You know, the one that is going to happen at the end of 2008... when all the PCs melt due to a software flaw in Windows... That will have the Mac share skyrocket in 1 day to 96.4%! And Apple will sell 450 million macbooks for the holiday season that year... I could be wrong in my predictions too you know, most things don't happen the way you predict them to... even if you do some research.
Do you think the board doesn't talk about future products in the pipeline? Or marketing campaigns? Or salaries/bonuses etc...?
So every minute of every hour you want Apple to update their prices to reflect the currency trade? And you would be fine buying something for $.99 one day and $1.2 the next...then $.96 after that? Why not just make all countries in the EU adopt the Euro? Probably about as easy a task.
If you know how to solder!
Sure, you can buy your diesel from any one of the stations that sell it... just like you can buy your iphone plan from any one of the AT&T stores in the US.You still can ONLY use diesel. Where's the consumer's choice?And you have to have a permit to even drive a diesel car! - I smell a lawsuit!!!
Jobs runs a company that is out to make a profit... the biggest profit it can. As a shareholder, I like that!Buy a diesel car and you HAVE to use diesel petrol. You're free to buy a car that runs on unleaded if that's what you want.The iphone does everything it is advertised as doing.You don't have to sign anything to buy an iphone. You buy it, you can do what you want with it. But to use it to it's full potential, use it with the Certified Apple Partner.Once again, YOU DO...
How about a digital video camera a la RED? Or a true integrated home entertainment system with 7.1 surround , Bluray, satelite radio/tv, BIG lcd screens, cable modem, wifi... and 1000 watts per channel Looks like they are going the way of Sony to me!
'Bout bloomin' time eh govnah?
106.4 divided by 2. Or, just a random number (like analyst's numbers)
I wonder how many people did what I did... I switched 2 days before the iphone came out. That way, I got 3 free camera phones, then bought 3 iphones and activated them. That way, I was an existing customer (so no problems with activation and portability), but switched for the iphone. I guess technically I was not an iphone switcher, but in reality, I was.
New Posts  All Forums: