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So burn your songs to a cd and rip them into the format you choose. Sue M$ for not selling songs that are compatible. Apple has kept prices LOWER because of their position, they don't make you pay more - they let you pay less than the big guys want to charge you. And, if all else fails... DON'T FRIGGEN BUY FROM ITUNES IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT!
Who controls the networks? Unless Google gets some bandwidth from the upcoming Fed auction... you still have to try and get your Gphone to work on these guys networks. And I know Verizon, for one, will not go quietly if at all.
Are we not men?
Windows ME?
I think he's saying that if you want to try anything else, chances are you have to be on a PC to use it.
Does he remember the ipod was a huge success BEFORE video came to it? I still don't get how they can complain that Apple is giving them a new revenue stream that exists only because of Apple and their ipod.
Here, here. Very well put. Thank you.
My daughter is on her 4th iphone... lots of reliability problems with hers. My wife's and mine are still going strong. No battery life problems either - never been below half charge. Customer support has been A+ as usual for Apple. Maybe a little FUD spin on the good news?
Terms and Conditions for the $100 store credit for Early iPhone owners programThis credit is extended to end-customers who own a qualifying iPhone purchased from Apple or AT&T prior to August 22, 2007. To receive a credit, customers must submit requests between September 13, 2007, and November 30, 2007, at www.apple.com/iphone/storecredit. Requests will not be accepted after November 30, 2007. The program is for a $100 Apple electronic store credit in the form of a numeric...
So if you got an iphone as a gift, you aren't entitled to the refund? And fire 800 people because of it? Seems full to the brim of BS to me. Unless there was a company memo that expressly said not to try for the refund.
New Posts  All Forums: