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So PC users DO just click on the next button without looking at what they are doing!
Well, take out the USB port and the airport card (won't be able to use ANY cd/dvd drive now) and it just kinda seems like a big iphone without networking. Not that there's anything wrong with that
How about content makers putting a watermark on their creations or coming up with a way to secure what they make? That way there's no need for a gatekeeper. Why should they need to rely on Apple???
I took this survey. My family has 3 iphones, and mine is the only one jailbroken (to be able to use it on our frequent trips to France without paying the bomb!)
Fellow stock holder here... it's 45m by the END of 2009. If they do come out with a cheaper version, and a 3g version, and open new markets including China... it's very possible and in my view (as others), pretty likely. Buy more AAPL if you can!
How about this: $500 for the flight (easy to find in January and February), buy 4 iphones for $400 each, sell three of them unlocked for 500 euro each (again, easy to do)... get a free iphone, make $150 profit AND have a nice vacation... What's your wife telling you?
Because that's where all the Europeans come to buy them and unlock them.
Ok, so nobody can make any profit now... even if they come up with something you want/need? Everything should be free. If you have money, even if you earned it, you are evil. Gotcha. I'm sure you live off the land and only take in as much as you absolutely need in order to survive, 'cause that would be hypocritical on your part if it were not so, unless you are unpraiseworthy yourself. Wait a sec, you posted on an internet forum, so you have access to these crook's...
Man, people are just over-reacting to Heath Ledger's death...
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