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I have not tried it and will not.
I'm glad I waited to upgrade my Hero2s... Now, will they make a 3d housing for these?
Never do a firmware update on a Mac! Made the fans on my Mac Pro go haywire. Made my Macbook Pro start freezing while using video apps. Made my daughter's Macbook sound like a hair dryer. Froze the keyboard on my clamshell iBook. All different macs with different OSes. All happened with an updated firmware install. Never do a firmware update on your Mac!
Been waiting to have a project that needs this... would like to get away from Adobe Audition for file clean up (thanks CC!).
Oh man I hope that this iWatch business is just a joke that Apple has let loose into the world so that everyone would come up with a "revolutionary watch" before Apple. I would laugh pretty hard if that were the case.  
Meh, my camera will do 120 fps at 5k! And it only costs $25,000! ;)
So us video professionals have nothing to say about CC? Some of us use more than just Photoshop and Illustrator. Paying Adobe every month for the rest of your life will not make Adobe produce the best software. When they needed to get features and bug fixes out to get $, they did. Now they don't have that incentive.
And Apple follows the rules.
The Federal Government can do NOTHING without taxpayers. If they help in any way, it's thanks to the ones who pay for it!
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