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And Apple follows the rules.
The Federal Government can do NOTHING without taxpayers. If they help in any way, it's thanks to the ones who pay for it!
            And who pays for all of that? The government? Where do they get their money? From taxpayers? Who is the largest corporate taxpayer in the US? Apple?   So I guess Apple's billions in taxes paid for a nice chunk of all that. More than any of you guys paid to use the same things.
This happened to my daughters phone. Just after the 2 year warranty. This was just when Apple hired that horrible VP that killed the customer service, so they wouldn't replace it. So, I bought the part on Ebay and fixed it.
If they would give it to those that create equally, maybe not such a bad idea. The problem is they give it to an entity that gives it out to n'importe qui qui sont leurs amis!
And if you stop paying, everything you have been making is inaccessible! Looks like you are going to be paying Adobe every month for the rest of your life...
And if you stop paying your monthly dues to Adobe, everything you did in those three years will be inaccessible. And if you already have a creative suite, an upgrade is WAY cheaper than paying Adobe for the rest of your life. ********************** I read on the Adobe forums that an install of CC will work for 6 months without an internet connection. Hum, maybe it is cheaper to pay the "month at a time" subscription one month then never connect to the internet while using...
Lets put it this way... Say you have this camera that is AWESOME and you take tons of pictures with it. Now the manufacturer of that camera says that you need to pay them $60 every month to be able to see those pictures. If you stop paying for a month, you can not see your pictures. Does that sound cool?   You now have to pay Adobe FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.
Here are my Adobe purchases over the years (just the CS Suites... I have tons of others):   Looks like that last one there, CS6 Master Suite, will be the last Adobe purchase I make. Sad too. They were on the cusp of running Avid out of town and winning the race in the video field since Apple screwed the intro to FCPX... I guess not all that sad really.
Making less-desirable phones that don't get stolen as often?
New Posts  All Forums: