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Meh, the boatmaking industry was headed in this direction anyways. What's new and exciting about this?
I was actually putting off editing on a project shot on RED... now I can start post this weekend!  
I just want a dock! Shouldn't be too hard, just an 8 pin passthrough like the older dock - no need for the microchip...
Got mine today and sure enough, a little scuff on the bottom. Not that big of deal, but certainly not business as usual for Apple.
AT&T said "as soon as" the 21st when I ordered mine this morning.  
They can use the battery to start a fire by shorting it.OR, they can use the GPS to find their way out of where they are - something books can't do.
I guess you don't know about the American court system. Understandable I suppose... A jury is made up of your peers (which means that they are ordinary people - just like you and me [except they are not paid to give their opinions like you apparently are]) It must suck in your country to be judged by those corrupt judges and lawyers making all that big money.
This proves that Samsung didn't steal Apple's ideas of a rectangle with rounded edges! It also proves that Samsung's CEO's Ferrari isn't stolen: http://jalopnik.com/5938587/does-the-billionaire-ceo-of-samsung-own-a-stolen-15-million-ferrari /sarcasm
They have had them at JFK since at least January. By the time I went back through there in July, a few of them were pretty much worn out!
My wife works for a huge business software company. They do the same thing. I am sure most computer/electronics companies do the same as well.
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