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Apple is constantly skating to where the puck will be! That's why they make so much more money than everyone else. So now Apple has to come out with a market changing device every year or it's curtains. But everyone else just needs to copy what Apple makes... got it.
Obviously this means they are done. SELL, SELL, SELL!!!!/s
My son did some testing on this game (actually a whole bunch of games rolled into one). It's pretty slick! I have a bunch of friends working on it as well, so I might be biased a little bit.  
So is he saying that Tablets are Computers now? I don't think Microsoft wants to see the market share numbers if iPad is counted as a computer...
I have learned to be wary of EFI updates... I had 3 Macs hosed due to them.  
Um, have YOU ever been to a socialist country? Not just at the tourist spots, the real, everyday life part of the country?
Meh, the boatmaking industry was headed in this direction anyways. What's new and exciting about this?
I was actually putting off editing on a project shot on RED... now I can start post this weekend!  
I just want a dock! Shouldn't be too hard, just an 8 pin passthrough like the older dock - no need for the microchip...
Got mine today and sure enough, a little scuff on the bottom. Not that big of deal, but certainly not business as usual for Apple.
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