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So why can't Apple buy it's shares back in foreign markets? That Russian guy just bought $100 million... did he have to pay US tax on that money to get AAPL shares?
  There are a BUNCH of incompetent "corporate types" in suits that attend on their company's dime. Lots of them at the Sony booth as well...   My wife actually laughed to see Verizon there. I was thinking how much it must have cost them for their huge booth and how I'm glad I'm not subsidizing all those managers' trips to Vegas for the week.
I know right? Last week it was all about how Apple will have it's first negative growth quarter this year... sure.
  Galileo would like to disagree... ;)
Does anyone know what type of certification aircraft instruments go through? There's a reason an aircraft-grade GPS installed in a commercial airline plane costs tens of thousands of dollars! That an ipad (or even 50) can interfere with their redundant, redundant, redundant navigation systems is a preposterous idea! Even if they could, by a freak accident interfere, there are backup ways to pilot. How do you think airplanes flew before GPS?
Apple is constantly skating to where the puck will be! That's why they make so much more money than everyone else. So now Apple has to come out with a market changing device every year or it's curtains. But everyone else just needs to copy what Apple makes... got it.
Obviously this means they are done. SELL, SELL, SELL!!!!/s
My son did some testing on this game (actually a whole bunch of games rolled into one). It's pretty slick! I have a bunch of friends working on it as well, so I might be biased a little bit.  
So is he saying that Tablets are Computers now? I don't think Microsoft wants to see the market share numbers if iPad is counted as a computer...
I have learned to be wary of EFI updates... I had 3 Macs hosed due to them.  
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