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Um, have YOU ever been to a socialist country? Not just at the tourist spots, the real, everyday life part of the country?
Meh, the boatmaking industry was headed in this direction anyways. What's new and exciting about this?
I was actually putting off editing on a project shot on RED... now I can start post this weekend!  
I just want a dock! Shouldn't be too hard, just an 8 pin passthrough like the older dock - no need for the microchip...
Got mine today and sure enough, a little scuff on the bottom. Not that big of deal, but certainly not business as usual for Apple.
AT&T said "as soon as" the 21st when I ordered mine this morning.  
They can use the battery to start a fire by shorting it.OR, they can use the GPS to find their way out of where they are - something books can't do.
I guess you don't know about the American court system. Understandable I suppose... A jury is made up of your peers (which means that they are ordinary people - just like you and me [except they are not paid to give their opinions like you apparently are]) It must suck in your country to be judged by those corrupt judges and lawyers making all that big money.
This proves that Samsung didn't steal Apple's ideas of a rectangle with rounded edges! It also proves that Samsung's CEO's Ferrari isn't stolen: http://jalopnik.com/5938587/does-the-billionaire-ceo-of-samsung-own-a-stolen-15-million-ferrari /sarcasm
They have had them at JFK since at least January. By the time I went back through there in July, a few of them were pretty much worn out!
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