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I guess you don't know about the American court system. Understandable I suppose... A jury is made up of your peers (which means that they are ordinary people - just like you and me [except they are not paid to give their opinions like you apparently are]) It must suck in your country to be judged by those corrupt judges and lawyers making all that big money.
This proves that Samsung didn't steal Apple's ideas of a rectangle with rounded edges! It also proves that Samsung's CEO's Ferrari isn't stolen: http://jalopnik.com/5938587/does-the-billionaire-ceo-of-samsung-own-a-stolen-15-million-ferrari /sarcasm
They have had them at JFK since at least January. By the time I went back through there in July, a few of them were pretty much worn out!
My wife works for a huge business software company. They do the same thing. I am sure most computer/electronics companies do the same as well.
I had a friend on Facebook last night ask how this would effect his phone - if they were going to recall them or do a software patch to 'fix' them. Then people started ripping on Apple saying "I don't want Apple to force me to use their stuff!", "Why is Apple going to change my cell phone!?", "Apple shouldn't stop competition like that!", and on, and on...  morons. I think the average consumer knows just enough to blame Apple for anything.
That would be the whole reason for the earlier date for Amazon. Don't expect them to be shipping by then though.
Exactly! The government must prove collusion.
Another "Me too!" tactic from Samsung? "It looks JUST like the document we (Samsung) had internally, but it doesn't say 'COPY THAT!' like our does."
You know you can delete an ad off of Craigslist when you sell it... right?
And then the Telcos would have to lower their rates since they are no longer subsidising phones... not very likely that one.
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