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Can't supply one side without supplying the other.
So this is like trying to define what 'is' is?
Double tapping? 4 finger taps? One finger in the upper left corner, one in the lower right corner? Holding a finger (or fingers) on the screen for 3 seconds? Shaking the phone a certain way? Turning it upside-down then right-side up? Swiping anywhere (no image)? There's 7 different ways I took all of 2 minutes to write, and I'm not a highly paid software designer. Not that any of these are as easy and intuitive as swiping an image to unlock...
Of course Adobe is going to update to CS6 now... I just bought the update to 5.5
Should we start a collection?
Yep, 100,000 euros.
Wow, that's quite the smack down there. It talks about the probability that their patents might be null and void as well because of their abuse of position.
I'll just leave this here: Even Samsung can't tell the difference between it's tablet and ipad.
He got paid big time... now time to relax and think about the gold plated future. I would/will do the same!
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