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If the 17" makes a profit, no need to kill it. And at the prices they sell for, it makes a nice profit. (typing this on a 17"er!)
Easy, his stock vested, and AAPL is bumping around the all-time high. He's getting TONS more stock in the future. Why not take some profits and make the bank account grow? He has to have filed a while ago to be legal, so it's not like he is saying Apple is going down from here. It's business. And lots of cash.  
Remember, they are missing a week this time. Had an extra one last quarter... That's about $3,3 billion less than if they had the week in. Still think they will beat expectations, but we might see another selloff after the inevitable rally if/when they do beat.
And Apple is Coke then? Or just another restaurant?
So the restaurant (Apple) is as guilty as the soda makers (publishers)?
I still don't see how Apple letting publishers set their own price makes Apple guilty of Anti-Trust laws. Now, the publishers could have fixed prices together... Apple doesn't set the price.
Ok, the way I understand it, Amazon was basically setting prices on their own and destroying the market for the ip owners by selling at a loss. So, Apple comes in and says "Hey, we'll let you set your own prices for your own ip." And Apple is the bad one here?
What Tallest said. These were never available outside of the App Store.
NAB is next week, so if the Mac Pro is getting revised any time soon, it's next week. /please let it be next week...
They had this guy on CNBC this morning. He pretty much thinks that the telcos will stop subsidizing JUST the iPhone no other handsets. It was a whole bunch of if, if, if, if... then, when asked about the future ITV or Apple TV set, he said that he couldn't count on that since there isn't any evidence from Apple that says they are going to make TVs. WHERE'S THE EVIDENCE THAT THE CELL COMPANIES ARE GOING TO STOP SUBSIDIZING THE IPHONE!?!?!?!? Analyst. Oh, and wasn't...
New Posts  All Forums: