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I'll be waiting for the 5.5 incher. I've been holding onto my iPhone 4 since 2010. I want a full blown upgrade. I mean, I've never even experienced Siri. Can't wait.
jragosta, your blind defence of this company disgusts me. I love Apple, but they're extremely far from perfect. My experience with Apple Maps has been disgraceful and I'm thankful for Google having made their maps application available.
This is all made up.
I remember reading years ago that Apple was supporting HTML5 over Flash, that it was the future bla bla bla. Now it looks like it's gonna die out.
It's no surprises for us followers. But everyone else will have no clue until the mainstream media report it.
Samsung has every right to sue. That's life people.
  We have 4G actually. Just not the frequency Apple chose.
Surely Apple wouldn't make a screen that size when it knows its competitors failed doing the same thing as consumers wanted bigger?
We need a CBD store in Melbourne. Doncaster and Chadstone are affluent areas, but not central.
You're really just talking about yourself here. Don't speak on behalf of a whole continent.
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