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You know.. A profit is a profit. At least they're not posting a loss. I think it'd be a problem if Apple didn't have a decent competitor like Samsung around. Competition breeds innovation, which is good for all of us.
Thanks for this, very helpful.
I would always side with having a keyboard. We have a tablet at home, it's collecting dust. Anything I would need a tablet for I use my iPhone instead. If I need to do more heavy duty work (or very fast typing) then I'm on my laptop. I understand why some schools have chosen the laptop option, and Chromebooks are cheap.
 The contract is meant to lock someone into the plan for a period of time (like 24 or 36 months). After that, the plan they're on is supposed to continue, unless they sign onto a new plan. The benefit of signing onto a new plan is you get a new phone for free or for a subsidised amount. Otherwise, you just pay month to month on your original plan.
I'll be waiting for the 5.5 incher. I've been holding onto my iPhone 4 since 2010. I want a full blown upgrade. I mean, I've never even experienced Siri. Can't wait.
jragosta, your blind defence of this company disgusts me. I love Apple, but they're extremely far from perfect. My experience with Apple Maps has been disgraceful and I'm thankful for Google having made their maps application available.
This is all made up.
I remember reading years ago that Apple was supporting HTML5 over Flash, that it was the future bla bla bla. Now it looks like it's gonna die out.
It's no surprises for us followers. But everyone else will have no clue until the mainstream media report it.
Samsung has every right to sue. That's life people.
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