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  Well that's a silly argument. You know if Apple released a 4" iPhone, everyone would go out and buy one immediately. People keep buying the iPhone despite the 3.5" screen because it's the only option if you are an iOS person.   But they won't make a 4" iPhone because HTC and Samsung have patented mobile phone screens of 4.0 inches and larger. Maybe they will have to make a 3.9" screen.
Still, the new Shuffle is the one Apple product where it makes the least sense to incorporate this new control scheme because they removed all the buttons! They could have started including the cable on the other iPods... the Nano, the Classic, the Touch, and even thd old Shuffle, just to give third parties a head start on making adapters and headphones that use the controls. At least all their other iPods have controls on the face of the player so you're not required to...
3.5mm audio jacks are antiquated industry standards?BTW I bet you're really mad Apple stopped using their proprietary BS and started using industry standards (even though you claim to hate anything that is standardized). I suppose in your ideal world, we'd all be using ADB keyboards and mice instead of USB, AAUI network ports instead of ethernet, ADC and DB-15 for digital and analog video (instead of DisplayPort, DVI/HDMI, and VGA), and those weird Mac serial port...
Hmm that's funny, I didn't know the old iPod Shuffle had any problems with it. It worked fine, was compact, and didn't force you to learn Morse code in order to use it. There's such a thing as over-engineering. It happens when someone tries to improve upon something that doesn't need improvement and ends up making it needlessly complex in the process. The Mighty Mouse is a good example. People have been using two button + scroll mice for ages. So what does Apple do? They...
That's fine but what if, like with many people, Apple's earbuds don't stay in their ears? Some people just have the wrong ear shape and they fall out. What if they are replacing an older iPod that died and want to use a favorite pair of headphones they already own? On top of that the control scheme is totally unintuitive and not Apple-like at all. Apple things are supposed to be simple and easy. This is the opposite. It's a pointless gimmick that will sell only because it...
The difference, of course, was that the remote was not a required component in order to use the iPod. It was just an optional accessory. And you could still plug any headphones you wanted into it. They're not even kind of similar. The old remote was an example of Apple doing everything right, while the new one is them doing everything wrong.
Wait, a Republican? You mean she's pro-Big Government, pro-spending, pro-taxes? I thought that was what Democrats were supposed to be??? Seriously the political parties in this country are messed up. Republicans say one thing and do another, and Democrats are constantly rushing to be "more like" Republicans. Sadly the article doesn't work for me.
"Formatted capacity" is 9.3 GB or, if you want to get more technical, is actually 9.3 GiB (Gibibytes). 1 GB = 1,000,000,000 (one billion) bytes.
a forum for retail stores? come on thats retarded. maybe we should have a forum dedicated to the apple website too. it would make as much sense.
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