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There are still rumors about a physical home button going way entirely. Either way, I hope the redesigned Home button, physical or not, is more durable. The one on my iPhone 4 seems to not work about half the time anymore.
Ah, didn't see this. That explains it, then. The "new" nano is essentially last year's model with a price drop.Also, I don't think that's always the case. I remember the 5G iPod was never given the "5.5G" software update that merely added a very simple search feature. I highly doubt that was impossible to work onto the slightly older model. I'm sure there are other examples, but that was always a notable one for me.
Is the 1.2 software update being made available to all sixth-generation iPod nano? Reason I ask is I bought one today on the assumption that 1.2 was pre-loaded, but it in fact wasn't. I called the store and they told me the update was available (which it was, I've since installed it), but I do wonder if anyone who bought a new nano in the last year can get the new features.
By discontinuing the polycarbonate MacBook entirely, I was thinking there might have been a slight price drop for the entry level 11'' Air model. But that apparently was not the case.
Doesn't the 11.6'' have a BTO for a i7? I'm sure it does, I believe that's what I ordered...
Went ahead and ordered the almost top-of-the-line 11.6'' Air. Was impressed with the original models back in October, but didn't like the lack of backlit keyboard. Now that has been added, along with better processors, I figured now was as good a time as any other to get one. Will now be looking to sell or give away my older MacBook, one of the original unibody models, before it got rebranded as the 13'' Pro.
Is there a specific reason you need Windows Vista as opposed to 7? But try installing it regardless, the drivers should work, whether built for XP or 7.
Actually, I believe what you're referring to was Apple's "AtEase," which was basically a kid-friendly GUI atop the standard System GUI. We had Macs in our grade school and they all had this interface to prevent kids from actually accessing the main desktop and messing things up.
Apparently, Mac OS X is not designed for stupid and simple people, unlike Windows 8, which does have resolution independence.
$12 if you're a student? That's how much I paid for Windows 7.
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