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I bought a relatively cheap DAB radio, it was half price at £20.00 its really good but I've lots of stories that DAB radio is going to made defunct. I think its great for only £20 (about $40)
Google yesterday announced an initiative to invest a total of $11m towards the developnent of Hybrid cars but surely this is a great oportunity missed for an organisation with a market value of $159bn. This is a massive organisation able to bring attention to any subject to tens of millions of people - if not more. For sure Google are changing the world but only in the way information is accessed and created, surely by indicating how information is applied is where the...
It was just a matter of time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k66epna2Sss
Yes of course they are and those not realistically going to change. If these rainforests were well manage and looked after they will last longer. You wont stop people from using wood in huge quantities but the way in which it is replaced is what matters.
Yes there will be drawbacks to all of them but I think it would be interesting to see lots of ideas on how to help save the planet. 1. Rich governments of the world should buy up rain forests from the likes of Brazil and Indonesia and protect them from illegal and excessive logging.
According to an article on the BBC site Wireless Energy is beginning to take off. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/6725955.stm It also has a name WiTricity, pretty cool concept when they make it safe
Im sure many of you remember the guy from Canada who swapped a red paper clip for more valuable items until he got a house. When the story broke I didn't take it to seriously but my local news showed a story about a guy who started with a paperclip and after several swaps ended up with a $4000 speed boat. Pretty good for a years work. The guy also claimed he found it fun and made loads of contacts to swap with on a regular basis. The news report explained that he...
What about a 23 year old making so much money from 1 website?
From its mass market inaugaration roughly ten years ago has the Internet turned out the way you thought it would? Who would have thought that a 23 year old could own a website worth $1.5bn and turn down an offer for it (Facebook) Frankly I find it slightly disturbing that one website could make one single person so rich.
Hi, I live the UK so I'm not fully fimiliar with American culture and politics. My question is what will the affect of Barack Obama being voted as President?
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