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I've been waiting for these to come to the UK since I first read about them. They're a cracking little device and I was even willing to change my boiler to one compatible (need a new boiler anyway). Sadly they don't make an EU version or ship outside of the US at the moment. Meh.
Oh dear. I can't bring myself to say much more than that.
Churlish or not, I think it's time to remind people of this! Ballmer laughs at the iPhone
So Apple are building their own particle accelerator? The concept looks spectacular. I really love how Apple are trying to return so much of the surface land back to its indigenous state. The building really looks like it's sharing the land with nature rather than dominating it. This is exactly what modern companies should be doing with their new buildings.
Perfectly put!
This!.. Please.
I'd love to see a MacBook equivalent iPad running full OS X. Granted OS X would need to be updated to support a proper multi-touch interface, but I'd be very surprised if Apple didn't already have something already on the shelf ready to go. I agree that we're a good few years off seeing tablet style devices overtaking the MBP lineup, but I very much see the boundaries between the MB and iPad blurring to the point where the MB could be done away with.
I actually thought it was a rather good advert. Why shouldn't Amazon play on the Kindle's strengths? That's exactly what you would expect them to do in an advert! Although I have no intention of ever buying a Kindle, it's a perfectly fair comment to say that it's far better in the environment indicated in the advert. Ironically however, a pair of polarised sunglasses would dramatically help the iPad's cause. So the girl in the advert with the expensive sunglasses, would...
"The revolution is coming". Na, sorry lads, you're about 4 years too late.
I'm not fond of the all grey side bar, although it keeps things unobtrusive, it looks very bland and less easy to spot specific items. The vertical Close, min, max buttons are ok, but I hope this isn't the new standard. I really dislike the new device capacity indicator. It looks horrid in comparison to the old one. Ping is a good idea. It looks like a great way to interact with your favourite artists and for new artists to get their material out to music lovers.
New Posts  All Forums: