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Ideal for girls, arabs and p-diddly I guess choice is good, but the black version would be the only real option IMO.
We deal a lot with the public sector, so we still have about an 80% IE user base. It's really annoying because although we develop to current standards, we have to create IE specific content because local government and councils etc are all running IE.. and a shocking number of those are still on IE6 and IE7.
The only thing I still remember from the advert.. that and the whole "boom boom I'm so 2008" line.
Haha, I picked up on that strait away too!
I'm sorry, but that is some of the most dogmatic twaddle I have ever read on this forum. Exchange is good, but it's not that impressive. It's only has such a large install base because most organisations use Windows based systems. This is because they are cheap.. thus Windows based networks become the default option. As for your last sentence. Microsoft, due to their enigmatic monopoly, have been responsible for some very sluggish technical development over the past couple...
That's a lovely rendering. As others have stated, the 'Home' button would no doubt remain as it is on the current iPhone, however, the rest of the design looks great. I love the matte backing and the titanium coloured bezel. Lets hope Jonathan Ive sees it. No doubt the author of the image would have emailed it to him.
Amen! Come on Apple, don't do this to us.
Apple please listen to your users on this one. We really don't want Bing! Google have become the primary search engine for a reason... it's good! Just because they have cornered the market in online advertising that doesn't mean Mac and iPhone users should be moved away by default out of spite.
Bit of a contradiction there if I'm not mistaken.
Please don't feed the trolls!Sad, pathetic individuals like that particular user, who by his own username's admission is a failure, generally get a kick out of people responding to their online furor. They are best ignored. He can then go back to making puerile comments and sending unfunny emails to people he doesn't know on bookface.
New Posts  All Forums: