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An infra red output would make this devise perfect in my opinion. Universal remote capabilities over both IR and WiFi would mean you could control most of your house with it. I'm in no way expecting IR and I would be very surprised if it had it, but in my dream scenario, it would have it and Logitech (or someone similar) would create a remote app for it!
For those who have not seen Steve Ballmer's original comment.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5oGaZIKYvo
Woohoo! I'll be ordering 3 or 4 of these then. I haven't been able to scroll up for about 2 months with my MightyMouse roller ball!
Yep, that's right. The artifact blocks will be broken up by the noise making them far less visible to the naked eye. I know in theory it sounds like it's replacing one problem with another, but the concept is a good idea. Many artists use a similar technique to create less visible lines.The article is talking about hardware on the client machine. The hardware will buffer the video content and apply the algorithm after analysing each frame. This does not effect the source...
I'm sorry, but this makes Microsoft sounds like a spoiled and petty child. Why can't they ever come up with any original ideas?
I would very seriously consider buying something like this far more than a giant iPhone. In fact, it looks exactly the kind of thing I need for meetings. I think Steve knows this too and that's why we don't have a regular tablet yet. He doesn't see a use for them either. I even like the book/organiser concept. I haven't bought anything Microsoft related for quite a few years, so I really hope Apple produce something better. I don't want to feel dirty buying an MS...
Although I was an Orange customer for years before the original iPhone, I'm now quite happy on O2. I don't see any reason to change back to Orange, especially considering Orange's network is not as good in my area. Having more than one provider in the UK can only be a good thing though. It will drive down contract prices and help provide more/better services for everyone.
Haha, this is so lame.
I agree, Apple TV is no substitute for Blu-Ray at the moment, but stick it through a good amp and it's just as good as and far more convenient than DVD. Most of my video content has been transcoded at high quality from DVD with only rental and TV shows being downloaded from iTunes. I hope it's not long before we get 1080p and high bit rate content in iTunes.
I love AppleTV and use it daily. I have hundreds of movies, thousands of songs and thousands of pictures that I can access from it. It's great. I can play my music in multiple rooms for the price of an Airport Express. I have been wanting to buy another for my bedroom for some time now, but I have held off in anticipation for new hardware. Although I do like my AppleTV, it does need more power.
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