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Indeed, a 'bucket' would need to be way into 6 figures, especially to do something for MS.
Ooh, I really hope the parting was not on bad terms. I like the fact that Google and Apple are allies and I'm not sure we'd like the result if things turned sour.
It's a hard life isn't it?!
Don't be so cynical! I'm in the UK and I have it!
Woohoo! I've been waiting for this for a while. I have used a couple of third party aps to connect to my iDisk on the go, they have been ok, but not quite as nicely executed as this. Not bad for free!
Snigger! Guru Bar doesn't even sound good does it? In fact, it sounds very naff. Nerd Herd would have been cool, but thanks to Chuck, they can't call it that! Guru Bar...
The problem with the store will not be so much what it looks like, but rather the products they sell. It looks exactly like a PC World (in the UK). PC World sucks.
I know OS X has a rudimentary voice control system, but it's a bit rubbish really isn't it. I know Apple in the past have stated that it's a tricky business with so many different accents and dialects, however they seem to have done a sterling job with voice control on the 3GS. So when are we going to see this implemented into OS X? I know for most people it's would just be a novelty, but it could be rather handy for managing workflow, or even for just bringing up...
Another vote for tabs on the bottom where they are now. It's more intuitive. I didn't have a problem with them on top, but I was pleased when I installed 4.0 and saw them back where they should be! As for ZFS, I'm a bit annoyed that I won't be able to use this on my server. I was hoping we would see it in the consumer version of Snow Leopard. Surly all Intel Macs will be able to support it and Snow Leopard is for Intel Macs only anyway.
No, not yet. Anyone had any luck with this?
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