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I assume by pro cycling you mean the road/track cycling industry. Aluminium still plays the predominant role in MTB frame technology. Super light XC bikes often being the only place for CF and or Titanium frames. Formula 1, GP2, Formula Renault etc all use full carbon fibre chassis and body panels. Motorsport was one of the main pioneers for CF technologies. Lots of supercars sport full carbon fibre bodies, some including the Pagani Zonda have full CF...
Recently I have found myself getting really wound up about people calling the iPod Touch the "iTouch". I even see it in adverts like the one below seen here on AI. [CENTER][/CENTER] I don't know why it winds me up so much, but it's a major pet hate of mine! Grr! Does anyone else annoyed by this kind of thing?
I haven't touched my iPod Touch since I've had my iPhones.
The iTunes store and the seamless integration with a MP3 player was his concept.
I can't see any reason for the tuner and battery to require such a large housing. Perhaps there's more to the device than stated in the article, but it does look rather large for something so basic.
I'm sure they will, but more to the point, why didn't the new MacBook Air get the new track pad?
Agreed. It just looks like any other laptop out there now. If those images are real, the MacBook Pro has lost it's 'Macness'. \
As much as I respect Woz for who he Was! I think it's clear why he's retired from the daily grind at Apple. Yes the iPod is mature, but it can and will evolve into what ever the market requires. It's certainly not a 'fad'. How many fads last almost a decade? I have 3 iPods and 2 iPhones between myself and my better half and I'm still tempted by the new Nano. I've had several in the past which I pass on to friends and family as I upgrade and I'll continue to do so. As...
This could be done with an iPhone Application and an Apple TV firmware update. The iPhone could even show what's on the screen so it could be done in another room or with the TV screen off (if playing audio only etc).
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