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To complement this thread about the current iSight: http://forums.appleinsider.com/showthread.php?t=91495 Do you think we are likely to see a new stand alone iSight camera? Perhaps an HD version?
I've been in need of a web cam for my MacPro for some time now and I've resisted the usual Logitech plop in hope of a new stand alone iSight camera for about as long as I can handle. I'm thinking about buying a used iSight from fleabay, but I'd just like to get a few opinions on them first. I know they were about the best thing you could get when they were brought out, but they're rather old now. I know the build quality will still be leagues ahead of everyone else's, but...
The 32GB chip is physically the same size as the 16GB chip.
Oh for goodness sake. Who are these losers?!
I do get 2x Edge speeds on my 3G iPhone in good network conditions. If the network is poor, why is that Apple's fault? Surly it's the service provider (AT&T, O2 etc) who are responsible for the network, not Apple?!
Please can we just have a native Pages / Word and basic Numbers / Excel editor please can we please?! Don't need another mail or calendar app. Mail and iCal work great as they are.
Yawn... here we go again!
Indeed. In fact, one of their key subjects in the video calls Vista a Programme!
Firmware update done. The screen still has a yellow tint to it.
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