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I find the yellow tint quite distracting. I noticed it almost immediately and now it really bugs me! I really hope it isn't a hardware issue. I'm trying the firmware update through the Restore option to see if that helps. If not, it's going back! Fussy? Perhaps, but I'm a Mac user, what do you expect!
Where did you get that information from?
I spent hours this morning trying to upgrade. I must have had well over 20 attempts with new upgrade codes. I even tried the failover page with no success. There was no system to enter an upgrade code of you had already been sent one. You had to request a new one each time. Total shambles and a useless system. The developers should have a lot to answer for. The fact that existing customers were 'promised' to be alerted as soon as the system was active, but they pulled...
No, thank you for your thoughtful analysis French swear word head.
I really hope AppleTV gets the remote functionality too. The iPhone / iPod Touch keyboard would be perfect for entering text, something that's a bit of a pain with the existing remote.
Hahahaha... this is the funniest one yet! Surly almost every website with a composite ordering system would be subject to this? What a load of BS! Bunch of losers.
What's that, a mobile phone salesman who actually knew what he was talking about?.. .. no I didn't think so either!
Sounds great. I'd love to be able to control my Apple TV media and Airport Express audio using my iPhone. I had a Logitech Harmony 1000 which worked well, but smashed last week. Controlling the devices over WiFi would be great for multi room control too.
The difference is, when Apple started out in Steve's garage they built their own hardware and wrote their software. All this guy is doing is putting generic machines together and trying to make a quick buck off the Apple brand. There's a difference between a parasite and an innovator.
I wonder how power hungry that would be? The theory is excellent, but will it be something that we see as soon as the next gen iPhone? I hope so.
New Posts  All Forums: