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It's been a while since I've posted in here. I still check the news every day, but too busy to spend time posting (you know how addictive it gets... Ireland!) Anyway.. Got up my shiny new Mac Pro today. It's so friggin fast! (2 x 3.0 Quad Core Xeon, 4 GB RAM, nVidia 8800GT and some extra 500GB HDDs) I just thought I'd let you share in my excitement! Need some decent monitors (speakers) now, any ideas? I looked at the Bose Companion 5, but I didn't think they were...
I've never read so much dribble on a AI thread!
Now if only the ADC servers weren't down we could download the SDK and start writing apps!
"Bye bye Moto!"
Woohoo! Happy time! Now if only they allowed free international roaming in countries that support the iPhone (US, UK, France and Germany etc) So for example if a UK iPhone user goes to the US it automatically switches to ATT and calls and data come out of your standard tariff.
How many of those visits were from people linking to them from Apple related websites?! My personal home page gets more hits than them!Bunch of parasites.
Strange isn't it... fear of recession is creating it.
You are a digital camera? Wow, AI on those things really is advanced these days, they can even post on forums!
I think it's great. I'll be getting one as soon as possible.
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