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Do you not read? Or do you just not understand?
The MBA is £1199 and £2028 for the 1.8GHz solid state version.
Come on, chill out. We're 2 weeks into 2008! There's plenty of time for all that!
I'm glad iTunes isn't riddled with porn. It's nice to be able to download stuff from somewhere that doesn't have it splashed all over the place. I hope Apple and iTunes keep it that way. (And I'm European - half Dutch in fact!)
Ace, a free update to my Apple TVs!
Ooh I like! Now I just have to find a reason to buy one. I wonder what excuse I can use?
Do you find it worth the hassle though? I had so many in game crashes under Vista that I switched back to XP DX 9C anyway!
That's great news. Lets just hope it's DRM free.
Woohoo! Right, now where's my cheque book?
Looks like I'll be getting me a Blu-Ray player then.
New Posts  All Forums: