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My battery will almost last two days, and it charges super quick, so no issues here.
There's nothing wrong with Beats musical programming sounding similar to Radio 1, Radio 1 is musically one of the best stations going.
No politically biassed news every hour.
Love it. It's like Radio 1 but without the propaganda spewing every hour. 
I disagree that Appleinsider is "Apple Biased" I think they review objectively, and give credit where credit is due. It's just that seldom does the competition deserve credit, as they usually create complete piles of shit.
Ah I thought that was what was going on, but wasn't 100% sure. I was waiting for a 3 taps on a right hand turn roundabout but it never came (I'm back in the UK for a while) but now thinking about it, a right hand roundabout turnoff is technically a left hand turn.
I'm VERY pleased with mine. Just for notifications alone, it's worth every penny.   Today I discovered it taps me on the wrist just before a junction when using maps. Love it :)   For those of you saying it's a "fad", how very wrong you are. In-fact the reverse is more likely, with the bulk of the processing power eventually on your wrist, and an external screen which replaces the iPhone. Long time away sure, but I see that happening.
Agreed. Seems like only last week I got my 6+.
Hull is a very odd choice.
I wish they would.
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