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I haven't used the AppleTV yet, so don't fully understand the problem, but is this not something touchID could solve?
Fairly standard in the industry for this type of product. 
Agreed. I have litteraly just a submitted a POS app to Apple, and had to use a bluetooth card reader.
The biggest scam in history. 
Likely the fact that often nothing appeared in the attributes inspector, or command clicking multiple constraints failed every time. Both of which have been pissing me right off.
No reason to make stuff up, it's not like his life was boring! Had this film been closer to reality I would have paid to go see it. 
Couldn't have put it better myself. :)
I hate The Guardian with a passion, it is no more than cleverly disguised bullshit for readers who think they are more intelligent than they are. 
Used this app for the first time yesterday. I'm really impressed so far. Is Apple Insider on there? I noticed Idiot Rumors was listed, but didn't notice Apple Insider
Oh I see. Great!! 
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