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I must say, I have been a happy customer since the early 90's, however during that quarter Apple managed to piss me off on multiple occasions!
By 'sell off' I don't mean the recent dip. I mean that steady 6 month period between feb and july 2015, where the big players were  quietly selling off at a high and into false positivity created by the media. Carl Icahn for instance suggesting dumbass short term numbers above $200 for instance. So all that sell off has to be bought back, and that doesn't happen over night. You likely talking another six month period, plus one last nasty spike downward to knock out stops...
Maybe, maybe not. All I will say is, don't be too confident. That sell off was WAY too protracted to warrant a comparatively short lived drop and subsequent rebound IMO. Time will tell. It's good to see a bit of volatility back in the market though, it's like the good old days again. The waters have been too calm since the dividend and buyback. I love these violent premarket conditions! I could not afford to buy any more stock anyway, if Apple hit $80 I was due to lose the...
I set my short to sell at $100, which it hit. And don't be surprised it it doesn't dip violently again. I doubt we have seen the end of this negative run just yet.
Sure, they will use Mac's along with Traktor and a separate USB audio out, and a separate controller, all of which is a fairly wieldy, and often unreliable set up.There's also no touch screen on a Macbook.Apps such as https://www.algoriddim.com/djay-ipad are great, except that they are pretty useless in a pro environment. The problem with the iPad is that it only has one audio output, there's no USB port to add an additional one, and Bluetooth has terrible latency to the...
I'm going to go out on a limb and predict the focus for the iPad pro will lean towards Pro Audio. I sent a suggestion to Apple 3 years ago about this (I'm not suggesting Apple acted on my suggestion, so don't jump on me). A better processor, extra audio out (for the headphones), a bigger screen, and the DJ market will be owned by Apple. I did the math a while back, the DJ market is not small, and it seemed feasible. Current iPad line up does not cut it for audio, they make...
 Says someone likely to have never had an original idea in his life. It takes a lot of work and to make something innovative, it takes 5 minutes to copy it. Without protection, you forfeit progression.
Oh surprise surprise. 
None of my cards seem to work yet, so haven't had a chance to use it unfortunately.
I won't be buying this. Just so you know.    Not quite as silly as the dual watch watch thingy, which is hands down one the stupidest fucking products I have ever seen in my life...   https://vimeo.com/134956952
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