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Oooh good choice. I'm a big fan of Camel Audio.
What's the point. Android users don't have money, and don't buy goods. They forage through bins and spend their welfare money on weed.
 I would say they wrote some of the worst software on the planet. The UI design is dreadful, and often very un-mac like. Buggy as hell. But worst of all (for me personally) they killed off my two favourite apps. Fireworks and Freehand which I will never forgive them for. They effectively killed off Flash too by trying to take over the web with it. I actually used to like Flash back in the mid nineties, as I was a Flash developer for 5 or so years. Glad to see the back of...
Yeah but it's shit though.Death to Adobe and all it's dreadful software.
It's deja vu time again folks. 
The BBC is a scum sucking entity that should just curl up and die IMO. I hate the BBC as much as they hate Jews. Hitler would be proud of them! You have probably been in Florida too long to notice :) The rot started about 10 years ago. Their bias is all about self preservation. A capitalist society has no room for a publicly funded  organisation, so they steer the UK into being anti capitalist and anti US. The problem is, the BBC have pretty much a monopoly on news is this...
Oi Apple! UK comes next. That's how it works. US then UK, then commies last.
I know of a creepier company, and it begins with 'G'.
I think they could add 70 billion to the market cap overnight. BMW 68.66B P/E 12   It sounds like you are thinking about todays cars. Tomorrows cars will drive themselves. That's a ton of computing, and few companies could successfully pull off such a feat of wizardry. Even if the grease companies tried, users would favour deep integration with smartphones which kind of leaves Apple and Google as successful contenders.
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