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If you want the best, you pay the best. It's that simple. Or do you want Apple to hire second rate management?
You can't judge a stock by one weeks performance! The price was predicted and baked in a long time before this "good news".
 In all seriousness I actually married a woman with a tattoo. I don't like them, I wouldn't have one myself,  but I'm clearly able to see past the tattoo :) 
Oh it's just a bit of fun, calm down. Some of my best friends have tattoos, Tiffany and Destiny for instance.
Someone got an "I love mum" tattoo?
 You don't look like a dick AND you get to use an Apple Watch! Win win.
I find tattoos so ugly. Pretty girl + tattoo = tramp.
Apple must be racist then.... 
This is the kind of shitty review I would expect from other sites, NOT Appleinsider.
Absolute twaddle
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