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What's the point. Android users don't have money, and don't buy goods. They forage through bins and spend their welfare money on weed.
 I would say they wrote some of the worst software on the planet. The UI design is dreadful, and often very un-mac like. Buggy as hell. But worst of all (for me personally) they killed off my two favourite apps. Fireworks and Freehand which I will never forgive them for. They effectively killed off Flash too by trying to take over the web with it. I actually used to like Flash back in the mid nineties, as I was a Flash developer for 5 or so years. Glad to see the back of...
Yeah but it's shit though.Death to Adobe and all it's dreadful software.
It's deja vu time again folks. 
The BBC is a scum sucking entity that should just curl up and die IMO. I hate the BBC as much as they hate Jews. Hitler would be proud of them! You have probably been in Florida too long to notice :) The rot started about 10 years ago. Their bias is all about self preservation. A capitalist society has no room for a publicly funded  organisation, so they steer the UK into being anti capitalist and anti US. The problem is, the BBC have pretty much a monopoly on news is this...
Oi Apple! UK comes next. That's how it works. US then UK, then commies last.
I know of a creepier company, and it begins with 'G'.
I think they could add 70 billion to the market cap overnight. BMW 68.66B P/E 12   It sounds like you are thinking about todays cars. Tomorrows cars will drive themselves. That's a ton of computing, and few companies could successfully pull off such a feat of wizardry. Even if the grease companies tried, users would favour deep integration with smartphones which kind of leaves Apple and Google as successful contenders.
Because they don't have the skills or resources to do it themselves. Remember, the car of the future will have a massive software focus. Most of these companies only know pistons and grease.
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