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Why the hell would anyone go on a forum, and let everyone know what they are GOING to trade. If you are smart enough, you keep your mouth shut. Sorry, but you are talking to someone who added two zero's to their original investment in two  years. I can offer you no proof, you'll just have to take my word for it :) I've taken my finger off the pulse in the last few years, I'm more about software and innovation nowadays, but sometimes, when you see a sneaky short, you just...
 They are not even shares, so get the terminology right. They are leveraged spread bets, with the minimum way above the equivalent of 1 share.To have shorted at $126 means that I would have had to have made the short in the region of 14 days ago at the earliest. So I can't have made that short just for the screen shot.
 Why? I don't need to show anything to you. You are lucky you got that screenshot frankly. You were wrong in your assumption, so get over it.
 Then try using your brain. I can spell it out for you if you like: Short bought at $126.61Stop is $129 (that's higher than $126)The current value is $114 , which is lower than $126, and the color of the profit/loss is blue (which means I'm in the profit, and only a short could be in the profit given the previous parameters).The color of the amount/Pt is red, which also  indicates that this is a short.
 Exactly, it was the calm before the storm, and way too much positivity. I haven't shorted for ages, but this one was too easy.
Here you go. The amounts are blanked out because that info is none of your business. But you should be able to work out by the color and stop point that the second one down is in fact...  A SHORT  bought at $126 
I rarely short, but this drop was inevitable. Looking good so far. Now the hard part, where to cash them in at! Could well slip sub $100, will sit and wait.
What a stupid idea. 
 Thank god they didn't buy Skype. It's terrible. FaceTime hardly ever drops by comparison, and the quality of image is better.
What you are failing to understand, it that the car of the future will not be like the car of today. Forget car play, iPhone integration etc, think AI.Fewer and fewer people are likely to own their own vehicles, iTaxi's will become a cheap and convenient alternative. There may even come a time in the future when human driven cars are banned from the roads as they are too dangerous! Once people get accustomed to the safety of automated cars, popular opinion will swing...
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