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Good. I hope the Boyle one flops too. 
I was thinking the same
 I have to agree. I have wasted a great deal of my time looking into this subject, and there is much to be skeptical about. I get tired of being called a 'flat earther' by people who just accept anything they read. I took an interest in climate science when I was 10 years old, when the climate camp were concerned about global cooling!What annoys me most, is the use of science as a vehicle to spread nonsense, it undermines the true value of science and everything it stands...
Flash is now gone from my computer forever. It's a great feeling. :)
My other personal issue with Music is that electronic music is not catered for very well. About 1% of the music I listen to is available.
For what it's worth, I don't like the Music app UI either. Too many 'pretty' images cluttering it up, I don't care about seeing album covers, I just want my data clean and precise in text format. Then show me the album cover when i actually play the tune (if you have to)
This is going to be really popular.   Apple are doomed
Just uninstalled Flash. Boy that felt good :)
The more you help, the more will come, the more people will die. 'do gooders' will have blood on their hands, but they won't have the foresight to see why.
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