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I disagree that Appleinsider is "Apple Biased" I think they review objectively, and give credit where credit is due. It's just that seldom does the competition deserve credit, as they usually create complete piles of shit.
Ah I thought that was what was going on, but wasn't 100% sure. I was waiting for a 3 taps on a right hand turn roundabout but it never came (I'm back in the UK for a while) but now thinking about it, a right hand roundabout turnoff is technically a left hand turn.
I'm VERY pleased with mine. Just for notifications alone, it's worth every penny.   Today I discovered it taps me on the wrist just before a junction when using maps. Love it :)   For those of you saying it's a "fad", how very wrong you are. In-fact the reverse is more likely, with the bulk of the processing power eventually on your wrist, and an external screen which replaces the iPhone. Long time away sure, but I see that happening.
Agreed. Seems like only last week I got my 6+.
Hull is a very odd choice.
I wish they would.
They should add the Chinese cat clock face along with Micky Mouse to the watch :)  
Apple should just spend their billions on an iNuke and drop it on Samsung HQ. As a shareholder I'd say that's money well spent.
I'm not complaining about Apple improving their supply. I'm complaining about the general standard of customer service which I have received over the last couple of months. It's not the Apple that I once knew. I have a retail presence myself, and I base my companies customer service policy on Apple's model, whereby we have rules, but if we are clearly in the wrong, we will bend those rules and offer replacements if circumstances show that our company is at fault . We are...
I totally agree. As I mentioned on another thread I am super pissed off with Apple for the first time in 25 years. Twice in the last two months they have severely irritated me with customer service that I would expect from PC World or Walmart, but not Apple. It's the kind of service I would expect to see if John Browett was still at Apple! I hope this in not the fruits of Angela Ahrendts presence, if so, she can jog on back to Burberry and continue making clothes for...
New Posts  All Forums: