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Oh that's a shame. I don't use the app very often but much preferred it to the Adobe rubbish.
I met a guy, very high up in Microsoft last week. I asked if he used Microsoft phones, he swiftly responded "like ****" and pulled out an iPhone
If I didn't live in the UK (a shithole of a country which makes anything fun illegal) I would buy one.
 I think they would get into the app store OK personally. 
I agree. Because I feel like I get punished for being honest for not using the fake reviews! It pisses me off.
About bloody time. I refuse to pay people to review my apps, but you are almost forced to if you want an app to do well as it currently stands.
That's enough now. This is getting silly.
Oh god it looks ugly. This is depressing me. I'm sure it's going to be a great language, but I'm really not in the mood to say goodbye to Objective C !  Yeah sure, I can still use Objective C, but in reality, you have to stay on top in this game and move on.    Meh
anyone seen any syntax for this yet? 
I want a feature where all unknown numbers are greeted with "This person does not accept withheld calls" so that important callers know to attempt again without the withheld feature on.
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