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What an idiot!
About bloody time.
Reeks of bullshit.
Because 3D printing is going to be HUGE and insanely disruptive and lucrative going into the future.
Apple needs an iPrinter and 3D app store (when the time is right). Was only talking about this yesterday.
Hmmm well, I thought that until iOS7.
Aw I know! I liked 'gummy'. I was hoping to see more gummy like features not less.
We understand it's just a "paint job", but it's truly minging (UK slang for disgusting).    I love all the extra functionality under the hood, but someone needs to get back to designing enclosures.
It looks disgusting. I think that's what you mean't to say. Bring back Forstall.
About bloody time. I was holding off on Cocos2d for many years in anticipation of a move from Apple into this arena. I can't wait to have a play.
New Posts  All Forums: