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That's enough now. This is getting silly.
Oh god it looks ugly. This is depressing me. I'm sure it's going to be a great language, but I'm really not in the mood to say goodbye to Objective C !  Yeah sure, I can still use Objective C, but in reality, you have to stay on top in this game and move on.    Meh
anyone seen any syntax for this yet? 
I want a feature where all unknown numbers are greeted with "This person does not accept withheld calls" so that important callers know to attempt again without the withheld feature on.
Haha, that's like trying to cure AIDS with AIDS   No, thank, you.
...by the way, with your attitude you sound like someone who feels threatened by this new wave of graphics apps. You have invested a lot of time into Adobe products and fear that you may have to one day retrain. You will defend Adobe to the grave, as it is the devil you know.
 Freehand was the best vector graphics app ever made IMO (I have a long history of using their products by the way) I invested a lot of time mastering that app, and I was major pissed when it got killed. Fireworks was an incredible app for creating fast mockups for web/app graphics and they killed that. Flash (I was also a Flash & Director developer from the early nineties) was groundbreaking in it's day, but Adobe tried to make it into a platform and made a lot of enemies...
Seriously?! You are one of the few that think that. Macromedia was a forward thinking company with great concepts and UI design. Adobe turned all their products into pigs, or killed them off completely. All software from Adobe is buggy as sin, there is little compatibility between their products.  The company is a total joke that survives purely through it's monopoly on the design world. And that's the reason why they bought macromedia, because they were a threat to their...
I bet one day Adobe buy the company and ruin like they did with Macromedia and anything else they have touched. I wish Adobe would just drop dead.
This report lost all credibility the  moment I read the headline.
New Posts  All Forums: