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 That's a fair guesstimate, but I will raise it to $3521.13 by then they will be selling robots, an assortment of wearable devices, digital wallets will have surpassed cash and credit cards, fabrication machines maybe, hell, perhaps even an Apple TV!
 Android will suffer the same fate as MS. It's hard coded into the business model. Watch as it fractures, gets more riddled with bugs, security issues etc as they all fight for control. It's just new, they had a chance to start afresh, that's all.
"Told you so" says Steve Jobs.
Grrr this is annoying. I loved Boston Dynamics. Plus I really want to see Apple in this space.
What!!! Oh no.
You don't have a clue. I am a developer, you are talking nonsense. Native apps will always have the edge over these stupid HTML5 ones.
Got himself a nice black turtleneck too.
No point in sinking money into this idea. It's dead in the water.
I paid standard prices (Same as if I had bought in Apple store) in a shop which certainly gave the impression of being an authorised dealer in Pantip Plaza Bangkok.
New Posts  All Forums: