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Guaranteed to be as crap as everything else they do.   I use a Yahoo mail account for spam mail. Such a shockingly bad UI, it's not even worthy of my spam. I would say it's up there in the worst UI's of all time list.   Oh and the Yahoo iOS mail app, I don't think it's ever worked for me. Two clicks (if I'm lucky) and it crashes, or doesn't let me sign in for some stupid reason.
I have wasted a silly amount of time looking into the evidence for AGW, and I can say with confidence that it is 100% horse shit.   Don't get me wrong, I feel we could clean up here and there pragmatically, but nobody can pull the wool over my eyes regarding AGW that affects the climate to any degree that matters.
Ha, I remember making this prediction about 6 years ago. People thought I was nuts.
It really is terrible. It's the home of the brain dead.
That's timely, was looking to replace my version 1 today.
Music to my ears. I hate that creepy guy.
My battery will almost last two days, and it charges super quick, so no issues here.
There's nothing wrong with Beats musical programming sounding similar to Radio 1, Radio 1 is musically one of the best stations going.
No politically biassed news every hour.
Love it. It's like Radio 1 but without the propaganda spewing every hour. 
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