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  Well, $60b seems like a lot, but up against leveraged money and divided by 3 years it's not really 'that' much.
Yep. Praise where due, I liked it. Still a piece of junk though.
IDC... have they ever produced ANY trustworthy stats?? I think not.
The anticipation is killing me.
Baffling :)
What? Apple encourages "dynamically size screen layouts" and yes Apple does provide a way to do so. 
And all British people are Politically Correct marxist reality deniers.
Oh come off it. I have literally just stepped off the plane from that region. Piracy is rife by comparison, that is just a plain fact.  The person who wrote what you are replying to obviously does not think every damn asian pirates software, but by comparison to EU or North America there is no shadow of a doubt that when averaged out Asians love to pirate stuff!   Thailand in particular has made great moves in the last few years to curb piracy as they are a very creative...
Haha pull the other one.
Mutton dressed as lamb.
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