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Let's face it, they need all the speed they can get to power that pig of an OS.
 I dont think he was refering to himself in that statement. Rather, how the press will spin it.
Great article. Thanks.
 Man! You can't be looking very hard. The web and traditional media is awash with bullshit of that sort.
Though likely to be lower in the UK overall compared to the US. My website in the UK shows similar stats.
$14 Million?!That's not going to deter anyone. Should have been $140m. 
 Oh like the new upgrades are game changers!I don't think anyone will be falling behind somehow (except Adobe of course). 
Whoever buys that watch may as well have "I'm a complete tool" tattooed to their arm.
So...it's a phone with a couple of straps! Real thinking outside the box stuff!
Don't you just know it!   I met a troll for the first time the other day in real life. He was everything I expected a troll to be like. A sad, pathetic, benefit scrounging man, with no real world life.
New Posts  All Forums: