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I blame Google because of Youtube. Youtube is the only thing I use which uses FlashTruly amazing foresight :) He should get into investing. I might just put a short on everything this man "roots" for :)
I wish Flash would just hurry up and die. I blame Google for it's continued existence.
Ridiculous idea. As someone else said, just set up a junk email account. I have a few social app in the store that require an email address, we never spam you or sell your data.
 I disagree. I think the range is about right. @ $80 that would give a P/E of 12.44 which isn't even that low by Apple's standards. But need to take into consideration that this quarter will be a blowout so the EPS will be higher, which would make the P/E in the region of about 10.5. Which is about where I would personally position my downside guidance.
I fried 3 of these machines. There was definitely an issue with them. 
Was my first ever CES show this year. Quite enjoyed myself.
What is Windows? Never heard of it.
 It's a different story than in 2006. There are so many amazing graphics apps out there now, that Adobe will be forced to recode or die. They have lost me as a customer completely, why use bloatware with god awful UI when there are so many sleek alternatives. 
It's blatantly going to happen. I would put money on it.
There can be only one Apple. Go back to making dishwashers where you belong.
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