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Seriously?! You are one of the few that think that. Macromedia was a forward thinking company with great concepts and UI design. Adobe turned all their products into pigs, or killed them off completely. All software from Adobe is buggy as sin, there is little compatibility between their products.  The company is a total joke that survives purely through it's monopoly on the design world. And that's the reason why they bought macromedia, because they were a threat to their...
I bet one day Adobe buy the company and ruin like they did with Macromedia and anything else they have touched. I wish Adobe would just drop dead.
This report lost all credibility the  moment I read the headline.
I had loads of google emails but the bastards have linked them altogether recently. I hate them.
Because they rape you of your privacy. Plus I wouldn't use anything from Google, in the same way that I wouldn't buy a sandwich from a pedofile. Out of principle.
I don't even have a TV. My laptop removed the need for a TV a decade ago. Better resolution, and if you sit close enough you can't tell the difference.
Having all this health monitoring would freak me out. I think it would make me a hypochondriac.
 He can't see the pig behind the lipstick.
I'm so getting one of these. I haven't lusted over a new iPhone for ages. Something tells me I'm not the only one either.   Fastest selling phone in history? Highly likely.
Yes! Working on a new app 24/7 at the moment, feel like my fingers are going to fall off.
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