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I have already irradicated Adobe from my life, I'm not saying apps such as Affinity Designer & Pixelmator can match feature for feature (yet) but the UI is so much cleaner which increases my productivity. Plus they seem to 'just work' I don't get anywhere near the grief I used to get with the multitude of Adobe proprietary formats and bugs.
Heck, Adobe software is such a bloated hog you might even find it runs a bit snappier on iOS! 
I don't think you give human beings enough credit :) It would certainly give the papers a new Adobegate or whatever headline. But Apple are not shy, and it would not be the first time they have pissed off a few people to advance technology for the greater good.
They already maintain two OS's :) I can imagine it would not be too much of a stretch to maintain three, especially as this hypothetical third one would be 99% identical to the current version of iOS.
To be fair, I have never had an issue with Apple's low GB entry phones. I always just buy the cheapest because I upload and stream everything from my Synology. I have no need for masses of storage, and I guess I'm probably not the only one.My Macbook Pro on the other hand, now that's a different story, I'll take the fastest and largest ya got!
The thing is, most Macbook users just use a browser and an email client. They have no desire to run anything particularly processor intensive. ARM is already 'good enough' for the majority of users, and any of the old dinosaur apps will just have to start from scratch. We already see Adobe/Microsoft on stage taking the iPad pro seriously, I think it's just a matter of time before a device of this kind appears.
Well, I'm assuming it would be running a variant of iOS with OSX relegated to 'pro' machines, and destined to die in the distant future.
It seems like only a year ago people on here were arguing with me saying ARM chips would never come close to being fit for laptops. Funny how time and progression changes things :)I didn't know the 6S was beating the MacBook in benchmarks, that's pretty impressive.
Haha :)
That's a classic example of snobbery.
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