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I changed card details at https://www.apple.com/uk/ which is where I bought it, plus I phoned them three times and sent an email. But no luck.
I'm super pissed at Apple today. My watch was mean't to arrive tomorrow, but now it's been cancelled and have to re-order and "get to the back of the queue" again. I lost my wallet weeks ago, replaced my cards, and updated my primary card details at the app store immediately. Then waited and waited, now today they cancel the order without a phone call or warning email, or any way whatsoever to re-oder the item without going to the back of the queue. Grrrrrr   A bit of...
Least they didn't drag Bono out.
Hooray! Can't wait to get this in my shops, and use this myself.
"Home in means to direct on a target. The phrasal verb derives from the 19th-century use of homing pigeons, but it resurged in the 20th century to refer to missiles that home in on their targets. It’s also commonly used metaphorically, where to home in on something is to focus on and make progress toward it.Hone in began as an alteration of home in, and many people regard it as an error. It is a very common, though, especially in the U.S. and Canada—so common that many...
Regarding the margins. I guess there will be more ways to monetise the car of the future. With humans alleviated from the burden of driving, you have them captured and bored for potentially hours at a time each day. Film/music/app downloads, advertising.   Plus, lets just say the Apple Car is more like an automated taxi service, the margins increase substantially. With some very crude math:   Average 1 hour US taxi ride roughly: $180 iTaxi has the potential to be...
 I know, I come across this so often.
I bought two today. One for each arm.   OK the second one was for my wife :)
Lets be realistic, there was nothing Blackberry or any other company could have done about combatting Apple. 
I guess I should buy a TV first though :) Swore I wouldn't buy another TV, been happy just streaming on laptop for years. But recently been thinking I could buy a few sets of wireless headphones. That way it's not so irritating to those in the house who don't want to listen to it.
New Posts  All Forums: