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 An OS is complex. Yes Apple release with 'lots' of bugs, but comparatively it's bug free. Apple has a minor glitch, it's world news. Microsoft or Google ship an abomination and it doesn't touch the radar.Personally, I think they do a grand job considering the complexity.
Sorry, but you are in no position to accuse anyone as being stupid after that post! 
This makes me happy. Plus the fact that Flash is dying, and my Apple shares are up. What a great week.
 This is a perpetual myth. Apple beats to it's own drum. It's not the sort of company that sits back and relaxes. 
YES!!!!! I was only venting on this forum a couple of days ago about this. Goodbye Flash, gone forever from my computer.
The problem is it doesn't work very well. I have tried HTML5 on Youtube countless times in the hope that it has improved. But it's still shit.
I blame Google because of Youtube. Youtube is the only thing I use which uses FlashTruly amazing foresight :) He should get into investing. I might just put a short on everything this man "roots" for :)
I wish Flash would just hurry up and die. I blame Google for it's continued existence.
Ridiculous idea. As someone else said, just set up a junk email account. I have a few social app in the store that require an email address, we never spam you or sell your data.
 I disagree. I think the range is about right. @ $80 that would give a P/E of 12.44 which isn't even that low by Apple's standards. But need to take into consideration that this quarter will be a blowout so the EPS will be higher, which would make the P/E in the region of about 10.5. Which is about where I would personally position my downside guidance.
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