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 Who the hell wants to talk to an Android user?
Another thumbs up for that video here.
Dooomed Just kidding, I won't be getting rid of my mac for at least another 5 years of iOS evolution. I see a likely merge in the future.
Yep, right on cue for the next 'scandal' to bring AAPL down. 
Not enough surface on a phone to power it. You would need a wide rimmed solar panelled iHat for that.
 Interesting, I had never though of that before.  That does potentially make sense.
Let's face it, they need all the speed they can get to power that pig of an OS.
 I dont think he was refering to himself in that statement. Rather, how the press will spin it.
Great article. Thanks.
 Man! You can't be looking very hard. The web and traditional media is awash with bullshit of that sort.
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