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Was my first ever CES show this year. Quite enjoyed myself.
What is Windows? Never heard of it.
 It's a different story than in 2006. There are so many amazing graphics apps out there now, that Adobe will be forced to recode or die. They have lost me as a customer completely, why use bloatware with god awful UI when there are so many sleek alternatives. 
It's blatantly going to happen. I would put money on it.
There can be only one Apple. Go back to making dishwashers where you belong.
Really? I mean really? There's more factual content in the Beano.
British Bastarding Communists  http://biasedbbc.org 
I hate the BBC. They are as bad as Al Jazeera or RT.  
 Hawk's eyes are really good, and tiny. If a Hawk can do it, Apple can :)
Seeking Alpha... Loved and hated that site. Hated it because they were so full of shit. Loved it, because I just did the opposite of whatever they said and made a load of money :) Reliably wrong.   Had a pleasant surprise earlier. I totally forgot that I had put a short on Apple yesterday, and was fuming all day that I didn't do it. Logged in earlier only to realise that I had shorted after all. Idiot! Happy idiot.
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