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Yes it's based on OSX, but a very stripped down and efficient version of it. Anyhow, you are all still missing the main point here, this device would not need any of this legacy code or multitude of drivers, this is an entry device for people who just browse and use casual apps.
 The reason was efficiency in a time when ARM was slow as hell. That's time is not now, and that time is not the future.
I don't think the ARM notebook would have to have touch screen capabilities, so there's some cost savings to be had there. Plus the Pro is new tech which is always priced high, so I don't think that's a fair comparison.
That's precisely my point, Watch OS & TVOS  are 'variants' of a highly efficient iOS base OS, the hypothetical iOSX would be a similar variant, all sharing a maintainable common code  base. 
I don't think either myself or anyone else in this discussion is suggesting to run a Rosetta like translation. The 'lock out' just isn't a big deal for most people. Not everyone is a power user, in-fact people like yourself likely only make up 20% of the market (and I think that's being generous). Don't worry, OSX is not going anywhere just yet. Still likely a good decade or more before it finally kicks the bucket. By then it will have morphed and you won't even tell the...
 It's not my "desire". I wouldn't even buy one (in the first 5 years or so anyway), but I know a few million people would. It's the economics and competition which will inevitably drive this through in some shape or form. Nobody is interested in Microsoft because they make crap and "have no taste" I don't think the singular OS has anything to do with it :) It's not what you do. it's what you do WELL that counts. Microsoft is out of the game for good IMO. Their business...
 That is what I mean. I'm also maintaining some old code, and no matter how much I bitch and scream, the management can't comprehend why it needs a good old fashioned re-write and won't stump up the cash. Instead they keep asking for more features, and every new feature is a hack and takes 10 times longer than it should do. Ultimately they pay WAY more than a re-write and have an inferior product ta boot!
I have already irradicated Adobe from my life, I'm not saying apps such as Affinity Designer & Pixelmator can match feature for feature (yet) but the UI is so much cleaner which increases my productivity. Plus they seem to 'just work' I don't get anywhere near the grief I used to get with the multitude of Adobe proprietary formats and bugs.
Heck, Adobe software is such a bloated hog you might even find it runs a bit snappier on iOS! 
I don't think you give human beings enough credit :) It would certainly give the papers a new Adobegate or whatever headline. But Apple are not shy, and it would not be the first time they have pissed off a few people to advance technology for the greater good.
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