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I think the problem is that the old Macbooks just aren't breaking down!    I normally replace mine when it dies or becomes obsolete. My last macbook just keeps working though, I'm tempted to throw it at a wall just so I have an excuse to buy a new one. It has travelled twice round the world, 13 countries and 40,000 miles by land. Not bad really.
You won't catch me with that!
Android wont ever see any of my apps thats for sure!
...and that's your idea of 'cool'?! Tacky cheerleaders jumping about out of time, does not impress. It merely solidifies my perception of you as a complete tool.
Thank god I bought more this morning :)
Agreed. The beginning of the end for Samsung's dominance of the crap-phone market. Go for it Samsung! 
Fantastic article. Good work.
    Agreed.    I used to be on Macrumors myself. It is the armpit of Apple forums. Then I discovered far more intelligent reporting and discussion on AI, and never made another forum post on MR again.  I occasionally have a look, and it is more riddled with trolls and paid posters than it ever was. The moderators are a bunch of assholes as well!
  Yes it was FRAND. Everyone knew this except ITC it seems.
Common sense at last!! 
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