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 I know, I come across this so often.
I bought two today. One for each arm.   OK the second one was for my wife :)
Lets be realistic, there was nothing Blackberry or any other company could have done about combatting Apple. 
I guess I should buy a TV first though :) Swore I wouldn't buy another TV, been happy just streaming on laptop for years. But recently been thinking I could buy a few sets of wireless headphones. That way it's not so irritating to those in the house who don't want to listen to it.
I guess I should get one of the things one day
I would rather read the ingredients on a pack of breakfast cereal thanks. Hate that newspaper.
Prepare to be surprised.
I have seen litle evidence for that in my travels. The French need to grow up and get over themselves.
Exactly. There's opportunity for everyone, you just have to put in the time (if you live in a capitalist country that is).  Stop watching non productive TV.Stop playing computer games.Stop lusting over other peoples money, and start thinking how to make money yourself. Stop posting on forums!Take that risk, and if you fail, repeat until successful!  Simple.
If you want the best, you pay the best. It's that simple. Or do you want Apple to hire second rate management?
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