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Yup, there sure is a log of bugs. I'm having fun ironing out the iOS8 bugs on my current app today. :(
I hate these adverts. No class. Annoying.   I wish Apple would stop dragging in the Dre's the Bono's the Timberlake's of this world.    It reminds me of an out-of-touch dad trying to be cool. The moment you start trying to be cool, you stop being cool.
Ordered my iPhone 6 plus today :)
Thinking about it. If I'm going to carry around a 5.5 inch screen in my pocket, an iWatch might be quite appealing.
They are not all credit/debit cards! Entry cards and so on, all of which need not exist in the future.
The wallet is so last year :) The future is walletless. I have a stack of 20 cards in my wallet, I hate it, will be glad to see it die.
I can't say I really want a smart watch, but I will buy one of these anyway :)
U2 uggh!
I missed the start of the presentation, did they mention battery life?
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