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I know of a creepier company, and it begins with 'G'.
I think they could add 70 billion to the market cap overnight. BMW 68.66B P/E 12   It sounds like you are thinking about todays cars. Tomorrows cars will drive themselves. That's a ton of computing, and few companies could successfully pull off such a feat of wizardry. Even if the grease companies tried, users would favour deep integration with smartphones which kind of leaves Apple and Google as successful contenders.
Because they don't have the skills or resources to do it themselves. Remember, the car of the future will have a massive software focus. Most of these companies only know pistons and grease.
+1 for the iTaxi idea. Plus I'm going to guess semicircle shape with no distinct front or back.
Might be a deliberate diversion story for increased R&D into robotics? I could see Apple getting into robotics for sure, I feel it's almost inevitable. Or perhaps, thinking about it, maybe an Apple car is a good stepping stone into robotics. By the time this thing comes out, you can guarantee it will be driving itself for sure, and won't have a steering wheel, which kinda makes it a robot I guess.   Interesting times. Apple have to diversify, there's only so many...
I'm all for the here, now and the future. The past is nothing but trouble. There's probably 1000 words for weed, any one of them will do.
Who cares
Surprising, but a good move. 
He's right. The stats were fudged. Global temperatures have dropped in the last decade.
I hope that wasn't a serious post! Solor 'freekin' roadways is a big scam.
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