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Oh I would love to be a fly on the wall for this one.
Oh good lord. Here's some more 'casual racism' (if you like to call it that, I prefer to call it 'stating facts') for you:You British folk love to play the racist card!  You are all obsessed by the Marxist whipping stick. Give it a rest. ...and you have bad teeth :) Plus for the record, I have been to China, and yes it is very corrupt. That's just a fact, not racism.
I had a Tipo Sedicivalvole too! I don't think that many of them were made, there were only something like 170 in the UK, it was a seriously fast tin can that's for sure! 
Oh no, an extra 11%. What a disaster! 
Why do people always use present tense when I am talking about the future! My needs are NOT satisfied right now, they WILL not be satisfied in this iteration, the NEXT iteration 'potentially', FUTURE iterations absolutely guaranteed :) I travel the world loads, so yes I want high quality images ( in-fact funnily enough I was floating down the Lijang river in china not that long ago where the picture of the cormorants was taken in the keynote).As you say, it is fairly niche...
One more iteration and my DSLR is taking a trip to eBay. Images from the iPhone are starting to look pretty good nowadays., but it's the convenience factor which will ultimately kill my Canon.
You can be skilled and still be a moron (Hitler was a total asshole but still historically significant!). Most specialists are morons. He seems like one of those people who had a high degree of specialisation but was absolutely clueless about the rest of reality.What comes out of his mouth nowadays is the sort of tripe I would expect from a dimwitted Fandroid. He should stick to his 1's and 0's and give public speaking a miss IMO.
Woz is such a jerk, and probably always has been. No wonder Steve gave him a hard time, I couldn't deal with such a moron either.
Did they show that on the broadcast? I only came in half way through, so missed a bit.
New Posts  All Forums: