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"Told you so" says Steve Jobs.
Grrr this is annoying. I loved Boston Dynamics. Plus I really want to see Apple in this space.
What!!! Oh no.
You don't have a clue. I am a developer, you are talking nonsense. Native apps will always have the edge over these stupid HTML5 ones.
Got himself a nice black turtleneck too.
No point in sinking money into this idea. It's dead in the water.
I paid standard prices (Same as if I had bought in Apple store) in a shop which certainly gave the impression of being an authorised dealer in Pantip Plaza Bangkok.
I bought a fake Thai charger by mistake last time I was in the country. Totally had me fooled....until it started falling apart 1 month later. The Power cord perished at a rapid rate with the outer insulator literally crumbling away in front of my eyes.
 You clearly don't come here much! The guy was joking.
New Posts  All Forums: