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I have seen litle evidence for that in my travels. The French need to grow up and get over themselves.
Exactly. There's opportunity for everyone, you just have to put in the time (if you live in a capitalist country that is).  Stop watching non productive TV.Stop playing computer games.Stop lusting over other peoples money, and start thinking how to make money yourself. Stop posting on forums!Take that risk, and if you fail, repeat until successful!  Simple.
If you want the best, you pay the best. It's that simple. Or do you want Apple to hire second rate management?
You can't judge a stock by one weeks performance! The price was predicted and baked in a long time before this "good news".
 In all seriousness I actually married a woman with a tattoo. I don't like them, I wouldn't have one myself,  but I'm clearly able to see past the tattoo :) 
Oh it's just a bit of fun, calm down. Some of my best friends have tattoos, Tiffany and Destiny for instance.
Someone got an "I love mum" tattoo?
 You don't look like a dick AND you get to use an Apple Watch! Win win.
I find tattoos so ugly. Pretty girl + tattoo = tramp.
Apple must be racist then.... 
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