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  I agree 103%.
I never assume that, quite the contrary. Global/common opinions are worthless anyway. That's why Steve hated focus groups. 
  The only people I have found that like iOS7 are Fandroids, and I don't care what they think, they have no taste by default.
  When I show people iOS 7 their reaction is "I'm not having that shit on my phone"! It's all cosmetics, and this update shows they are addressing some of the flaws, but there's plenty more to iron out IMO.   Scrapping primary blue text buttons would be a good start.   Scrap everything in that grotesque blue.
It's a start. Now sort out the rest of the UI you ruined.
  Because you get what you pay for.    Also, the sum of the parts plus the customer service is actually often amazing value due to Apple's supply chain control. So good infact that competitors find it hard to compete, selling inferior products for equal or higher price.
What an idiot!
About bloody time.
Reeks of bullshit.
Because 3D printing is going to be HUGE and insanely disruptive and lucrative going into the future.
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