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I'm all for the here, now and the future. The past is nothing but trouble. There's probably 1000 words for weed, any one of them will do.
Who cares
Surprising, but a good move. 
He's right. The stats were fudged. Global temperatures have dropped in the last decade.
I hope that wasn't a serious post! Solor 'freekin' roadways is a big scam.
This has absolutely zero chance of succeeding. Money down the drain.
 An OS is complex. Yes Apple release with 'lots' of bugs, but comparatively it's bug free. Apple has a minor glitch, it's world news. Microsoft or Google ship an abomination and it doesn't touch the radar.Personally, I think they do a grand job considering the complexity.
Sorry, but you are in no position to accuse anyone as being stupid after that post! 
This makes me happy. Plus the fact that Flash is dying, and my Apple shares are up. What a great week.
 This is a perpetual myth. Apple beats to it's own drum. It's not the sort of company that sits back and relaxes. 
New Posts  All Forums: