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They are not all credit/debit cards! Entry cards and so on, all of which need not exist in the future.
The wallet is so last year :) The future is walletless. I have a stack of 20 cards in my wallet, I hate it, will be glad to see it die.
I can't say I really want a smart watch, but I will buy one of these anyway :)
U2 uggh!
I missed the start of the presentation, did they mention battery life?
That guy has as much personality as Bill Gates.
Bono looks like a pedofile. I wish he would disappear from anything to do with Apple.
The modern day Casio. Best worn with long sleeves.
Because it is not the idea which gets the patent, it is the mechanism by which the idea is realised. I'm no patent expert and I'm sure someone here can explain better, but that is the gist of it.
Nobody cares
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