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I don't even have a TV. My laptop removed the need for a TV a decade ago. Better resolution, and if you sit close enough you can't tell the difference.
Having all this health monitoring would freak me out. I think it would make me a hypochondriac.
 He can't see the pig behind the lipstick.
I'm so getting one of these. I haven't lusted over a new iPhone for ages. Something tells me I'm not the only one either.   Fastest selling phone in history? Highly likely.
Yes! Working on a new app 24/7 at the moment, feel like my fingers are going to fall off.
Go Oracle!
Haha brilliant. 
 Nothing happens particularly interesting. You get 7 times your shares at 1/7th of the price... so back to where you started. Arguably pointless. Some people think it makes the shares more affordable, but in reality the number of people who buy single shares is a small fraction of the market.
 Agreed. A good old fashioned nuking.
Android users are the puppets of Samsung. What we all knew all along, straight from the horses mouth. 
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