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I bet one day Adobe buy the company and ruin like they did with Macromedia and anything else they have touched. I wish Adobe would just drop dead.
This report lost all credibility the  moment I read the headline.
I had loads of google emails but the bastards have linked them altogether recently. I hate them.
Because they rape you of your privacy. Plus I wouldn't use anything from Google, in the same way that I wouldn't buy a sandwich from a pedofile. Out of principle.
I don't even have a TV. My laptop removed the need for a TV a decade ago. Better resolution, and if you sit close enough you can't tell the difference.
Having all this health monitoring would freak me out. I think it would make me a hypochondriac.
 He can't see the pig behind the lipstick.
I'm so getting one of these. I haven't lusted over a new iPhone for ages. Something tells me I'm not the only one either.   Fastest selling phone in history? Highly likely.
Yes! Working on a new app 24/7 at the moment, feel like my fingers are going to fall off.
Go Oracle!
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