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I hate pretty much everything from my home country (UK) except the Toilets and the Plugs. The plugs are amazing compared to US plugs, in the fact that they don't just fall out of the wall socket every 5 minutes. Insert a UK wall plug and you know that thing isn't ever going to fall out. Oh and toilets: The bowls of US toilets are too shallow, and public toilets often have little regard for privacy with massive gaps in the cubicle. Always a horrible experience! Plus I...
Is anyone surprised?
That doesn't give them the right to charge people whatever they want. They lost that right when they offered their technologies under FRAND. Maybe they should have spent that money making a decent OS instead, then perhaps they wouldn't all be also-rans.I'm not going to shed a tear for these companies. They had their chance and they blew it.
Is the lightening connector covered by FRAND? No, so you can't compare it. Get a clue before speaking.
I agree. Nice Macbook, shame about the port.
Well, I seem to be the only person who is happy with this update. I don't really watch TV and have never owned an Apple TV, however at $69 I may as well buy one just for fun.
To be fair, I have heard worse comments from CEO's when Apple prepares to enter their market. These comments seem comparatively dignified.
Oooh good choice. I'm a big fan of Camel Audio.
What's the point. Android users don't have money, and don't buy goods. They forage through bins and spend their welfare money on weed.
 I would say they wrote some of the worst software on the planet. The UI design is dreadful, and often very un-mac like. Buggy as hell. But worst of all (for me personally) they killed off my two favourite apps. Fireworks and Freehand which I will never forgive them for. They effectively killed off Flash too by trying to take over the web with it. I actually used to like Flash back in the mid nineties, as I was a Flash developer for 5 or so years. Glad to see the back of...
New Posts  All Forums: