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I was hoping for a focus on Audio. Oh well next time maybe.   Still love it though.
My first gen is still going strong, relegated to being a juke box and POS device but it's still very useful.
 He must be Nostradamus.
I am... I mean my son, is so getting one of these for xmas.
Hehe, I have to agree. 
Haha, like it :) Now THAT could be very handy indeed. You can imagine apps springing up that test the purity of Cocaine! I'm not a coke addict by the way! Just thinking it could make for a popular app. I sell electronic cigarettes and we use a spectrometer in liquid content analysis.
I like this. Maybe chuck in a carbon monoxide and radon detector too!
I must say, I have been a happy customer since the early 90's, however during that quarter Apple managed to piss me off on multiple occasions!
By 'sell off' I don't mean the recent dip. I mean that steady 6 month period between feb and july 2015, where the big players were  quietly selling off at a high and into false positivity created by the media. Carl Icahn for instance suggesting dumbass short term numbers above $200 for instance. So all that sell off has to be bought back, and that doesn't happen over night. You likely talking another six month period, plus one last nasty spike downward to knock out stops...
Maybe, maybe not. All I will say is, don't be too confident. That sell off was WAY too protracted to warrant a comparatively short lived drop and subsequent rebound IMO. Time will tell. It's good to see a bit of volatility back in the market though, it's like the good old days again. The waters have been too calm since the dividend and buyback. I love these violent premarket conditions! I could not afford to buy any more stock anyway, if Apple hit $80 I was due to lose the...
New Posts  All Forums: