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They'll ban Tomato Sauce for 'cultural reasons' next...
  Sure, by my point really is, that there will become a time that further bandwidth is not required because your brain can only process a certain bandwidth of information. And I do understand that 5G and further will be needed to achieve this (I'm no luddite). But I truly believe that we are nearing the end of what is required from bandwidth, and the average consumer will demand less vigorous bandwidth upgrades from here (streaming HD) onwards, eventually hitting a brick...
Oh jog on.
OK think about it like this. Some day you will hit a brick wall in terms of bandwidth usage, because your eye does not have infinite resolution.   All services now, and all services that may be thought up in the future, will all require that they be presented to the eye (the eye being the greater bandwidth user of all the senses).    Stream at 'retina' quality and you can present ANY service you will ever think of.
Sorry yeah, whatever they call it! 'Google Glasses'  Apple I guess will be iView or something.
Oh for gods sake, don't tar me with the same brush! Anyone who knows me knows I'm the last person to say such things. 
  Well your friend is stupid! That was obvious. And I have always seen use for increasing data storage and bandwidth... until now. Incremental updates, and cloud based storage, make local storage almost obsolete (for your average consumer). And streaming high res video is about all that will required from bandwidth (for your average consumer).   I keep repeating 'for your average consumer' because this is key. You will always have a small percentage of people who will...
Like what? I never think of what is offered today, am always thinking of the future (that's what I do for a living).  Sure there will be a certain percentage of people who will have requirement for greater speed. But all the average consumer cares about is video. Adequate speed to stream in high res video is all that most will care for.    You will have iGlasses (and Apple's similar offering) which will no doubt require greater upload speed in the future, due to data...
I can barely think of decent uses for 4G, let alone 5G. My 3G connection streams video adequately, and that's about as data intensive as I need, or will need for in the foreseeable future. I don't care for downloading video in seconds. As long as I can stream it, and play it immediately, who cares.
I bet it's crap.
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