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Android users are the puppets of Samsung. What we all knew all along, straight from the horses mouth. 
And 23% have shit for brains,
So jailbreak your phone. 
Many people stream their media nowadays. I have very little use for local storage, other than 20 or so select apps. 8gb would do me fine.
Yawn. I'll wait.
Sounds like a diplomatic nightmare waiting to happen
Adobe are worse than anyone. 
Phones are effectively PC's, and will more and more take over their role. Anyhow, there's a big fat 'I told you so' to whoever I was arguing with on here when I predicted this day would come many years ago :) 
 POS systems (as you know them) won't even exist in the future! Think forward. Sorry, but Microsoft is dead. They have zero vision, because of this, they will play no significant part in the future of computing.
 That's a fair guesstimate, but I will raise it to $3521.13 by then they will be selling robots, an assortment of wearable devices, digital wallets will have surpassed cash and credit cards, fabrication machines maybe, hell, perhaps even an Apple TV!
New Posts  All Forums: