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 I found a Facebook group calling for Steve Job's to be killed because of the NY Cube design back in the day. Insane. No patent, tough shit.
I don't think the cube design would have gone down too well there (makkah).
I got through 3 of those bastard machines with the same problem. I was furious with Apple. They denied ever encountering the issue and said "As you have broken 3 of them, it's likely something you are doing" Grrrr
 What from the IP address? I'm not suggesting this guy 'does' work for Google, but if he did, I think they are smart enough to not use a Google IP!
You can learn a lot from someone by the phone they use. I also would not employ a person who used Android, and it is a genuine question I ask when interviewing. Like you say, taste, intelligence, rationality and gullibility can all be ascertained from ones choice of phone. It's obviously not my sole method of hiring, but it allows me to weed out the real shitty ones quick. There's no Al-Qaeda where I work that's for sure :)
That'll be why the Chinese government hates them.
Good PR move.
I'm sure Al Qaeda will buy one or two.
Agreed. I gave up posting after Apple ][ came along, he takes the words out of my mouth, and make me much more productive in other areas!
I nearly want to cry... I'm over it.
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