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 Vector mapping. 3D city view.
  Ye of little faith. It won't be long until Apple's maps app is the best out there, give them a little time, considering it's relatively new, it's pretty damn impressive already, and better than the competition in many respects. I'm sure they could do the same with search. I would use Apple Search for sure. Even if the results were slighter worse (for a while) I could sleep happy knowing that google wasn't raping my personal data.
Exactly. The UK is the biggest Big Brother state on the planet.
Erm. I'm the most pro Apple person that has ever walked this earth I will have you know!  Though to be honest, I'm not entirely sure I can cal myself English any more. I go home to see family and get depressed, that's about it. In sunny San Diego right now. Love it here :)
Some people even bought the 'I am rich' app. I have electronic cigarettes in my store which sell for £350, people sometimes walk in and say "which one is the best" they don't care about cost, they just want "the best" and the status symbol of owning "the best".   The gold watch will sell well.
From London, what a surprise. Get off your PC high horse, and get over it. People like you cause more racism than you think you solve.
"Your store without the iPhone in it is shit" Haha, I like this guy
Likely broke the record for the most deleted album of all time too.
This article just made my day.
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