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Bloody communists 
Interesting. I did not know that.
Because it is their pig of an OK which makes them late to the party for everything. It's not efficient, it doesn't run on mobile very well. It's just a big nasty hack which slows them down. There's a lot of 'ifs' in your statement, fact is, Apple made the right decision, they didn't choose BeOS, they got Steve back on board who had vision, and with it Next built upon a solid foundation which could eventually be stuffed inside a mobile phone with relative ease.
Microsofts best bet IMO is to ditch their OS and go UNIX. Apple figured this one out in the early nineties. Hard pill to swallow, and no-one at MS will ever have the balls to do it.
 I Don't know, I'm trying to track down the source of the data at the moment. I get about 4 customers a day baffled by the map directions who eventually find us. I would say there were the same number of customers that never find us = lost business.
My business address is wrong on Apple and Google maps.
That would make my day. Or even better, saying "only joking" then pulling out Aperture Super Pro, iPhotoshop, i-Lustrator etc. A whole suite to kill off Adobe once and for all.
Oh that's a shame. I don't use the app very often but much preferred it to the Adobe rubbish.
I met a guy, very high up in Microsoft last week. I asked if he used Microsoft phones, he swiftly responded "like ****" and pulled out an iPhone
If I didn't live in the UK (a shithole of a country which makes anything fun illegal) I would buy one.
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