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Grrr this is annoying. I loved Boston Dynamics. Plus I really want to see Apple in this space.
What!!! Oh no.
You don't have a clue. I am a developer, you are talking nonsense. Native apps will always have the edge over these stupid HTML5 ones.
Got himself a nice black turtleneck too.
No point in sinking money into this idea. It's dead in the water.
I paid standard prices (Same as if I had bought in Apple store) in a shop which certainly gave the impression of being an authorised dealer in Pantip Plaza Bangkok.
I bought a fake Thai charger by mistake last time I was in the country. Totally had me fooled....until it started falling apart 1 month later. The Power cord perished at a rapid rate with the outer insulator literally crumbling away in front of my eyes.
 You clearly don't come here much! The guy was joking.
What did they expect! Buy crap expect crap.
Good stuff! Eloquently echoing that which many of us have perceived for years.
New Posts  All Forums: