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These stats make me happy.
IDC? Pah, in one ear out the other.
 Tabbed pallets was the one they kept irritating macromedia with I believe.
Lets just hope Adobe never buys them out. What those bastards did to Macromedia, they could do again.
 YES! Leave it as it is. I utterly despise the 'all in one' crap. 
 Who the hell wants to talk to an Android user?
Another thumbs up for that video here.
Dooomed Just kidding, I won't be getting rid of my mac for at least another 5 years of iOS evolution. I see a likely merge in the future.
Yep, right on cue for the next 'scandal' to bring AAPL down. 
Not enough surface on a phone to power it. You would need a wide rimmed solar panelled iHat for that.
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