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Why are your always here then? Go troll a 'proper' news site.
If it were April this story would make sense.
..... I stopped reading it years ago.
I have been having issues all week trying implement bluetooth and get a reliable connection on one of my apps. Testing on 3GS IOS3 drops packets and hangs even on the 'reliable' setting. Very irritating.
Hooray! Higher please AAPL. I have a wedding to shell out for this year.
More bullshit rumours? What a surprise.
"A recall of the iPhone 4 could cost Apple as much as $1.5 billion"... except it wont because there will be no recall.
...and I bet thats precisely why they did it. Slagging off Apple is like $1,000,000 of marketing and publicity for free, all at once.
So (just as one example) Virgin mobile who currently do not sell the iPhone, are exaggerating the 'problem' in the call centres to persuade people to buy competing phones. Fuelling the hysteria. Same goes for any call center of any competing network anywhere in the world no doubt.You gotta be pretty damn stupid to not take advantage of this if you are a competitor...It is common every day business practise. NOT paranoia! lol
"paranoid delusions" hahaha what you dont think apples competitors are loving this? Wake up.
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