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Or maybe with 50million iPhones in existence (or whatever the latest figure is ) they will just release an app. Chances are most people who intend to buy an Apple TV probably own an iPhone, if not, like you say, sell a remote as an option.
Is there any reason why the next round of iPods can't act as Apple TV's? Maybe there will be no specific ITV device. Thats one way to force adoption! I do not own an Apple TV, and I know little about the product, so I'm guessing out loud here. Processors should be able to handle 1080p nowadays, strap a HDMI connector on an iPod and away ya go.
It's looking likely that I will be proven wrong tomorrow, but I still find the ITV rumour fishy. Especially as it emanates from Bloomberg. Those looking for a disappointment may just have one.
Yet you quote the BBC?!A vulgar, propaganda spewing, socialist ideals emitting, nation suppressing, asshole of an institution.Never trust the BBC.
I doubt the itv will make an appearance this week. And I'm still not sold on the name "ITV" I rekon it's another decoy, I prefer "iVision" or "iViewer".
I still don't buy the 7" rumour. Not yet anyway.
I certainly agree with you there. If any of my friends ask for advice I flat refuse nowadays. I remember a while back I gave advice to a good friend and his life savings dwindled to around 60% of his initial investment. My name was dirt. People loved to chat about how bad my prediction was. But the fundamentals of the prediction were sound, the stock turned round, and another 6 months later he was up considerably.But I did not enjoy those 6 months. I get no praise for his...
I do.(yeah I know we have been here before )I predict that it will get better, and I can say that with 99.9999% certainty.I predict another slump in the next 1.5 weeks with 65% certainty.I predict at least a 15% rise within 10 weeks with 80% certainty.It's just probability, science itself is based on probability predictions.Sure, I can't be 100% accurate, but for the purpose of making money my accuracy weighs considerably in my favour on average. And thats all that...
Maggie is a legend. Unlike most in my country, I have utmost respect for her.
Not out of the equation either. I expect both realities to be true within a short period. There will be (more) misery followed by a sharp rise to luxury.
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