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I would like to see you do better for the price (or any company for that matter).USB/Camera/RAM were omitted/limited for valid reasons."low res screen" I would hardly call the screen on the ipad low res.
Well that link just contained visionless twaddle.
Ad augmented reality to that list. AR is gonna be HUGE on the next iPad.
A quick search reveals this: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-10092377-94.htmlEven at 11.8% thats still better than the others. And I know other mobile failure rates are higher because I have had this very conversation with the people who run a well known UK mobile carrier. And if I could be bothered to entertain your trolling am sure I could get exact numbers, but I really have better things to do with my life. Bye.
Nope. The tool is YOU. It's comparative fool.You might find the failure rate of other phones to be considerably higher. So the word 'just' is quite justified.As a rule I find Mac/iPhone users to be considerably more 'objective' than your average PC/Android toting media puppet who is incapable of thinking for himself.
Hmmm is Steve actually implying that he himself.... is not human? Would explain a few things.
Listen 'friend', you are showing your lack of experience (or blind disdain) for the GUI. You are the last of a breed. We can find a nice little home for you in a museum somewhere if you like.There's a whole new era of computer interaction techniques on the horizon, if you think that they nailed the 'perfect' interaction method for server technologies back in the seventies you are very mistaken and very foolish.Your current method of interaction is simply what you and...
Good. The sooner we steer from this command line crap the better. Whenever I have to delve in to server technologies I can't help but think to myself: I wish I had all the time in the world as I could build a kick ass UI for this convoluted nonsense.
You are actually selling this to me. I can't stand the archaic structure of linux and have never given OSX Server a seconds thought until now.
Multitouch would obviously be key for this to work. I see this as having potential.
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