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I hate optical drives with a passion. Their days be numbered and thats that. I will give blue raymond 2 years max before it begins to fizzle out rapidly.
I'm gunning for the iWatch, they may not be cool now, but they sure will be.
I doubt anyone who works at Apple gives a crap about the price of a $1 packet of pretzels. I can't imagine the price of coffee disturbs them too much either.
Me personally.. I knew they were starting to lose their way, then I hear talk of Apple buying Be, I listened, I liked, then I hear of NEXT.. at that point I ordered the comfy seat.
I would work there. I do the same sort of crap for fun.
Rather than looking on the negative side of things all the time. The western desire for gadgets and other goods has accelerated development of many poor countries. And when it becomes economically viable, india and vietnam (as someone just said) will be next on the list to benefit.It's not all violin playing misery.To allow labour costs to artificially rise, denies someone else, in another country, with even less money, a chance to benefit from globalisation.
All the ones I have come into contact with have been perfectly useable. Even when used in a field with 200,000 people in it. The festival (Glastonbury) is notorious for people being unable to obtain a signal whatsoever. Yet steaming Youtube worked a charm and didn't fail once.
What an idiot.
Sturdier and lower profile.
To bend coat hangers.
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