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And equally diseased.
Yeah I wonder. Muppets. I would hazard a guess that its UI is also a crappy tribute to iOS as well.
Yeah I like it.
It's only a matter of time before the kindle is annihilated either by a future generation of iPad or by an Apple product competing for the same market utilising e-Inks.
Well this has seriously pissed me off. I'm one of the people apple has given 30 days warning to. I'm not a 'name squatter" and now im gonna have to rush 3 sodding apps out the door in 30 days. NOT amused.
Or visionary yet perceived as mad because visionless people can't understand them.
Ha, precisely.
I seriously doubt Nokia will pull one out the hat! Symbian == Doomed ==Dead Horse The quicker Nokia learn that the better. Get some Unix in ya diet stupid.
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