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I agree, as a shareholder, today is more of a concern than celebration.
..or someone who understood the philosophies behind the whole shebang. The pieces of the puzzle and the end game were clear to all who possessed vision the day they bought NEXT.How could anyone compete...? Quite simply, they couldn't.After Atari, AMiga And Be died, there was only one company with the knowhow and philosophies to bring UNIX to the masses.
What d'ya reckon then ? Surpass exxon by next year to become el supremo champion of the USA? Looks a distinct possibility. Only $60B away! Easy pezy.
Dear Bill, DAAAAAAAAA! regards, Steve.
My ten year bet finally comes to an end! The ridicule I had from people back then as well. Stupid fools should have stopped arguing with me and stuck some money on the cash cow.
I think the point here is that the free market should run it's course (within reason) and not have unnecessarily regulation. Otherwise business has no incentive to succeed, and innovation is stifled. Most political parties who lean towards socialism tend to favour excessive regulation. In your case the Democrats. In the UK, the Labour party was also keen on overregulation, and it's policies were based on ideologies rather than logic.
Why? Because you can't accept the truth?
The growth potential is there without a shadow of a doubt.
yep. They have one chance left in my eyes, and thats if they buy blackberry. Even then its a long shot. I will actually miss them. They were an amusing opposition in the computer wars. Brain dead on every level.
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