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I wont develop for Android in a million years. I would rather stab myself in the eye.
Put up a good fight though.
IF this were to happen, Apple would be interested mainly in IP, and CONTENT. Sony has the content Apple lacks be that music, games, or video. All 'problems' 'solved' in one purchase. Just need a decent social network and a search engine and Apple will have fully future-proofed themselves. Except, it's pretty unlikely Apple will buy Sony IMO. But the fit is not as bad as many make out here.
Oh I give in. You are performing the straw man. My point is that there is a thin line between what can be called market forces and what is illegal. Clearly many of the 'goofballs' are acting illegally, but they are such small fry the authorities just leave them alone. But the mentality does not stop there. It is endemic throughout. If you believe that there is no corruption in the system then you are naive beyond redemption.I wish we lived in your squeaky clean world, but...
The goofballs do not have the monopoly on manipulation. The same mentality exists throughout the system and with some of the big players. Lets take premarket for instance, it would not take a fortune to skew the price before open to affect buying decisions. Now I know that people consider manipulating AAPL via this method and others because I have been in a room of investors who have discussed the benefits of such an orchestrated 'manipulation'.And how relatively easy it...
Agreed. Biggest bunch of morons on the internet. But rather than attacking their character (which is irrelevant to the conversation), try and see the point I'm making. It's an example of deliberate manipulation at the low level but acting as one. There are many examples like this across the net.How can you not fathom the collective orchestrated manipulation? But I'm glad you and many others do not.Heres to the naive. May they forever be blindfolded.
You have a few very large players, but you also have many investors acting as one.Go here...http://messages.finance.yahoo.com/mb/AAPLThen tell me there's no deliberate fud and manipulation going on...!!!!
Once again you fail to perceive the obvious It's no secret that the market pumps and dumps. Are they conspiring? Yes. Is it a conspiracy in the paranoid sense of the word? No.It's just the way of the world, make the most of it, short some AAPL.Here's an example of a paranoid conspiracy: As you are always on here like clockwork denying the clear and obvious market manipulation every 3 months, I'm suspecting you may just be one of them.
Precisely. It's just bollox for stock manipulation. I wondered how the muppets would spin it.
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