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Those dirty scumbags are guaranteed to be up to no good (google).
No dividend please. And no stock buyback. Just keep doing what you do. The bigger the war chest the better.
Ah no worries, thought you were referring to a separate thread where I was dithering whether to buy back in at $243 or not. Thankfully I did!
I presume thats some reference to me. I'm very pleased with the way I played this last week. Could not have been better.
Yes I would.
Patents do not "discourage" innovations! Without patents, there is no point in investing and innovating.
For the record i'm back in at $243.
No guesswork in the risks I take (usually), my actions are based on 20 years of watching aapl. To say "History says that market timers get burned more often than not." is like saying "most participants in 100 meter sprint are losers" which is true, but for a few, the potential rewards are worth it.Meanwhile with aapl now on $243.10 my sale at $250 is looking better and better
Thats the thing, aapl is behaving less and less as history suggests it should recently. To the point where I'm unusually at a loss to predict tomorrows outcome.
If I can spot a trend I'm gonna capitalise on it! And make more money than letting it sit there. I'm sorry that you are incapable of perceiving the obvious, but I do not share that infliction.
New Posts  All Forums: