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Hmmm I know, I might sell my entire position right before the best quarterly results EVER.... Second thoughts. Maybe not.
They (analysts in general) are considerably better in recent years. I remember when 80% were so far off the mark it was almost amusing. Always made for great quarterly results though, as for some dumb reason the fact that AAPL rocked the discotheque came to most as a surprise. Apple's business model simply did not compute in their technically challenged accountants brains.
Apple have safeguards in place to prevent foxes from eating chickens.
Interesting to see this story because I have had a few complainers for one of my apps recently. Users have been accusing me of ripping them off, the app is apparently making in app purchases without them agreeing. I'm a little bit baffled by it, because it's apples code which takes care of the in app purchase. Perhaps the users weren't talking shit after all!
The news sites are chock full of 'next iPad will be much better and coming soon' stories. Seems to me like a concertive effort to try and take the wind out of iPad xmas sales. Much like I feel the majority of Verizon stories were crafted behind the scenes to keep customers continuous in the hope that iPhone would grace their carrier.
Battery life is guaranteed to be terrible on these devices.
Yeah, I didn't think for one second it would be anything else.
Still mucking about with Symbian!...... the company has lost the plot.
I can only assume he was having a joke!
Hahaha my sources say the same.
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