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Plus I can't imagine it will be too long now until google maps is scrapped on the iPhone in favour of an Apple home grown map service. I'm surprised it wasn't revealed this week.
If I were Apple, I wouldn't leave the door of my house open for the burglar either.
I thought the iPhone was quite a spectacular announcement. The iPhone is now one seriously polished product. Crossed all the boxes and a gyroscope ta boot. Should shut the whiners up for 5 minutes.
too slow
This is what happens when people read Wired.
I have been stalking this dude for 20 years. I know what he had for breakfast just by counting the crumbs on his black turtleneck. But no, I do not think I am over analysing. I'm very confident in my BS detecting skills (i have worked with enough!). I would say there is only 10% chance that the interview wasn't loaded with misdirection.
If you can't beat them.. buy them....
Yes but you are describing the present. I'm hypothesising the future.
Who cares about Cable?! 4G is where the future is at, perhaps Apple are waiting it out.
Well, odd as in: With Job's it's best to read between the lines. It's my guess that Apple are up to something here.Steve was strangely open. Thats not steve.and the line ""I'm sure smarter people than us will figure this out," hmm whatever... may as well be saying.. "you idiots go waste your time solving this 'problem' that I have misdirected you towards, whilst we come at this from an entirely different angle taking you all by surprise mwahahaha"
New Posts  All Forums: