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All the ones I have come into contact with have been perfectly useable. Even when used in a field with 200,000 people in it. The festival (Glastonbury) is notorious for people being unable to obtain a signal whatsoever. Yet steaming Youtube worked a charm and didn't fail once.
What an idiot.
Sturdier and lower profile.
To bend coat hangers.
You probably have a long wait. I doubt it will be next revision. So your looking at at least two years, and probably more.
These current affair blips are just a good excuse to drive the stock down (and not just targeted at aapl). Skewed statistics, exaggerations, FUD, and common garden bullshit come in orchestrated waves. Take greek debt for instance, billed to be almost 'end of the world' but stock was back to where is was within a week. Stock down today, but I will give the bad news a life expectancy of monday, then the good news starts pumping... See where the stock will be in 20 days from...
What on earth are you waffling about? Snap out of it!"apple is doomed" can be traced back to prehistoric times.
LOL precisely!
Ah finally! I have been waiting for this. EDIT: Just had a play. I like it.
Plus I can't imagine it will be too long now until google maps is scrapped on the iPhone in favour of an Apple home grown map service. I'm surprised it wasn't revealed this week.
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