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"just 5%" !!! thats a pretty big percentage in marketing which is often used to 1% or less response rate. I get about 5% in my apps, and I'm pretty pleased with that.
Behave Amazon... else apple will bring out an e-ink eBook and do it properly.
Good. Though I can't say the story was that plausible to begin with.
You don't say! Thats gotta be the most absurd rumour for years. So transparent in it's intent and point of origination. I cant believe people suckered for it.
Please, spare us your reverse discrimination supporting racism encouraging comment.The labour party actively supported reverse discrimination, fact. Reverse discrimination is racism, period. If we are ever going to get over racism, ALL people have to be treated as equals not just minorities.
So you accuse someone of being a "Right wing fundamentalist" because he said the truth? If I were to stoop to your level I would say you are a nazi loving socialist.
haha too true.
"because the Apple co-founder apparently turned down an invitation to speak at a Labour Party conference" I dont blame Steve! I wouldn't brush shoulders with that Gordon twit and his cronies either. Worst thing that ever happened to the UK.
I'm British, I also live in Somerset, I doubt he would be bringing his kids back for a 'better' education (thats not to say there are not great schools in the area). More than likely her just wants his kids to grow up surrounded by west country culture, which can't be replicated anywhere. Somerset also home to the UK's 'think different' capital, Glastonbury. A town made up of 10% normal people, the other 90% are witches and other extreme extroverts, cults, born again king...
I agree. Sounds like someone missed the boat buying AAPL before the iPad2 announcement and is hoping for a cheapie monday morn price.
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