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Admittedly, you said "when the form factor gets past pocket size". However, I'd like to comment on my preference for a handheld device over a laptop at pocket size for the following reason: I don't own a mobile phone, but I have all my iCal and Address Book data (as well as other Excel files and so on) all sitting on my TiPB. I would love to be able to open these files without having to take the laptop out of the computer bag, flip the lid and then clear out some space...
Now, for me, that would be an incentive to spend!!
Yeah, that's what I was trying to say:PS - what job are you in that you want to leave sCreeD?
Now that's cool!
Yeah, that is a regressive step design wise imho. I wonder what they were thinking?
this didn't look too bad... on a side note, this Home on iPod thing sounds exciting. If you only need to display or share your data - and not input new info on the spot - then an iPod and a desktop Mac could feasibly render something like this Sony tablet (or indeed PowerBooks) as redundant, or an extravagence. (God forbid!) just food for thought
I noticed this problem too last night - but I was just browsing... we can't purchase from here yet. Anyway, I agree with the above posts. a) maybe it is a good sign that lots of people are buying from the iTMS now. However, b) repeated "unavailable signs" is poor customer relations and this needs to be fixed ASAP.
sunrein What app do you use to multitrack with? Also, (just presuming here) what Firewire box are you using to route the signal into the PB? TIA
My old school ran a Novell network and it was the biggest pain in the **** trying to log onto it. The best I could manage was internet access and webmail - but no direct access to the directories on the network itself. With the help of the IT tech at our campus, we tried the ProSoft client, but, for some reason, it just would not drill down deep enough into the school network. It could locate the network, but never provided access to what was on it. Eventually we just...
Remember how the original LCD G&W handhelds had unique colour cases for each game (dual screen and single screen)? Parachute was brown, Octopus was red, Fire was blue, Donkey Kong was orange, Turtle Island was white, etc etc... ah, those were the days
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