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Just for the record - the 12" (along with the 17" PB) introduced the new form factor with the Al casing, so there was no 12" Ti.
I like that Jerry Seinfeld "Comedian" movie trailer and a few flash files which I have viewed recently and I'd like to d/l them to my computer. However, I can't find the link to click on and start the download process. I can view the content online - but I can't figure out how to save them to my hard drive. Are these files purposefully not meant to be downloaded by the standard QT Player (v6.3) - or are they there to tempt people to upgrade to QT Pro so they can be...
cool! MICROSOFT OS X works in 10.2.6 as well.
I only use this computer so it must have been me forgetting to log off before disconnecting from the net and then when I connected again, it logged me on in addition to that original account. Anyway, it all seems better now - I just retrashed those pref files, so fingers crossed! Nonetheless, it is heartening to know that I am not the only one experiencing this problem. \
Ahhh.... I see, I should have typed PC2700 "means" I have no witty retort for this... still - thanks anyway (now I'll know for next time)
Thanks for the Google link - but if I type in PC2700 RAM, it invaribiably offers links to buy the stuff. I just want to know how the naming convention of 2700 relates to 333DDR RAM.(or, if someone has a better idea of what to type into Google to find this answer please share) TIA.
Don't worry - I found it under ~/Library/Preferences/ I then trashed com.apple.iChat.plist and com.apple.ichat.AIM.plist and this seemed to do the trick. Sorry for the bother. mods please lock! EDIT Actually, that didn't seem to work - I still get this message from "aolsystemmsg" telling me i am logged in twice. Again, any help sincerely appreciated!
I think I have managed to somehow log myself in twice - perhaps I did not log out once before disconnecting from the 'net. Anyway, it is driving me crazy. Does anybody know how I can fix this? It's sort of like a MIDI stuck note phenomenon. There's a register of me being logged on out there somewhere, and I don't know how to turn it off without logging on first and then sending one log off command - but obviously that won't suffice, because it will just log me off...
Where can I find out how PC2700 got it's name? I understand 333MHz DDR SDRAM (double data rate of the system bus speed - on the up and down cycle in the current PowerBook case 2 * 167 = 333MHz), but what is the correlation to PC2700 ... and PC2100 for that matter? Thanks.
Thanks torifile ... wish I thought just a little bit more before I posted that question.
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