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I don't really understand the "top" stuff that much, and I don't want to sound like a fool... but have you tried rebooting? Sometimes that can clear out old stuff (I don't know what exactly) and it can help the system to be a bit more responsive. Just my 2c. \
YEAH! I lke that idea! A black anodized PowerBook a black mini iPod would go perfectly on stage with black keyboards and other music tech gear.
yeah ... fair call alcimedes. I'm not lamenting the fact that I have to replace the battery - more the fact that I didn't cotton on to the idea of using the laptop* (oops - I mean "PowerBook") plugged in without the battery in its compartment.* I read somehwere on this board that Apple don't refer to the iBooks or PowerBooks as laptops and now I can't shake the feeling that I shouldn't be using that terminology to describe their products. \
... good observation though! hmm ... maybe dark grey can be the "new white" for the next generation of i*products? Then again, on the other hand...
I've got Macjanitor and thought about mentioning it too, but I don't think you can automate it (well I haven't worked out how to anyway ) - you have to manually trigger it to run. I'm also not sure it does the repair permissions thing... here is a copy of what it says it does:btw - who/what is Hank?"less is more" - is a saying I use when I try to teach my students about improvisation ... in fact, I'm sure it can also be applied to writing (see Strunk & White) and...
I'm experiencing the same problems with my battery too - it's about 3 years old now, so it probably is dying! (I hate that it doesn't give a warning now before it loses all power!) Anyway, I feel like such a newbie... PS5533 are you telling us that we could have used our PBooks and iBooks plugged in with the battery stored away safely - thus preserving its life and, at the same time, not affecting our portable computers? Big d'oh! [color=royal blue]live & learn![/color]
Chinney - this is a classic example of what I'm talking about. How do we (the end users) seemingly screw up permissions by just copying files from one computer (or other user's directory) to our home directory? I presume the other user had set the files to be readable by the group/world categories, but not writeable (hence being unable to save). In this case, trying to change the permissions via Get Info seems to be a normal thing to do, but the computer won't allow it! ...
Thanks rok - helpful post... I don't know of any automated repair permissions utility. Sorry.
Kickaha - YOU ROCK!! Thank-you!
L/P ? Login/Preset? Locked/Private? (just want to be familiar with *all* the acronyms)
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