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Congratulations on your new PB! Here is a link to an Australian company - I think they ship overseas (they have some o/s distribution happening) and their products are strong as well as elegantly and thoughtfully designed! Hope this helps.
great read - thanks!
Yay LoCash - thanks heaps!
Wrong Robot - thanks for the link to that photo of the fruity iMacs... it's nice to have on file. I also love the old Apple logo from the post above. However, I want to know the colour numbers used for the old logo (Pantone colour scheme or something like that). Thanks again in advance!
Does anybody know the Pantone Colour Numbers (?? - not sure of the correct terminology to use) for the six colours on the old Apple logo... or how I could find them out? Thanks!Wasn't it JLG who said something along the lines of...
^ fascinating read Amorph and shawk - thanks.
good question Big Mac ... I've been waiting for a PowerPod (or at least an improved iPod for ages. Won't buy until it has better (more encompassing) iLife compatability, with, of course, a colour screen.
Yeah, that's all good, but the newer PB models are comprehensively equipped and can cope quite well with storage (although, admittedly, battery life can be probelmatic). PLUS - imho - the industrial design of the AlBooks is awesome! Ahh, yes - I must concede your point there!
Murbot - what makes you say that? Did this model have the swappable bay drives (axtra battery slot)?
Ditto - I can't wait for it to reach downunder either! I'm just bummed that Telstra beat them to it (and that it is not Mac friendly).
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