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Reminds me of one of my favourite Simpson's quotes...Homer to Marge - after she questions him about being able to afford a pony for Lisa:"Marge, at today's petrol prices, we can't afford not to own a pony."
Nebagakid you crack me up sometimes... fight the pants schedule - if it doesn't kill you, it will just make you stronger!
I think Apple will reverse itself into the PDA market by adding improved functionality to the iPod. And, in case you missed that - look again: iPersonal Organisational Device!
agreed - similar experience for me (although not at a hospital)
Yeah it has taken a while... but good things are finally coming to the Mac faithful in the music community. Just wait until NAMM (not long now) - OS X and it's tight integration of audio and MIDI should rock with what developers have been working on for the past few years. About time I say too!
OK - Northern Exposure... but it has a higher JTS rating than Hill St Blues ever did - I suspect. JTS ... do you think this warrants a new thread?
if it doesn't have to be on TV currently and memories are allowed, then (imho): Hill St Blues (without a doubt) 8) followed by: - The Simpsons - Seinfeld - Freaks and Geeks (when it was on)
Sorry if this has been mentioned before... Telstra has announced their BigPond Music store down-under: click me Windows only... when will the iTMS make it to Australia? I know there is more to it than just Apple can control (legalities and distribution rights and record company policy etc etc), but I sure wish that Apple had first bite of the market down here. Oh well, thoughts/comments anyone I haven't been able to browse, I presume, b/c I am on a Mac.
Yeah - definitely... I want to go across schools in Australia and demo the damn thing to help integrate Macs into Music Technology Programs. I just wish Apple got this out sooner!!!! Anyway, it will be a winner for sure and the way it integrates with iTunes and .mac is awesome!
New Posts  All Forums: