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ignore please, inadvertent posting.
There is actually an item called coda wheel that sells for around $30 that is much smaller. It doesn't come with the visor clip, just velcro, but it works pretty well. It does essentially the same task as this button.
Sorry, colors not colts.
No way apple comes out with multiple versions of this watch on the first go round. Multiple colts maybe but it will be one watch. Apple never introduced a new product category with multiple versions of a product (except storage size). They'll come out with one, high end version this year, and them once all the high end fruit is picked, they will diversify the product line down the road.
Thanks for the quick reply. I'll give them both a shot then.
I did a forum search, but couldn't find an answer to this.    I just ordered a Mac Mini. When it gets here, I will be connecting it to a monitor through DVI. It comes with an HDMI to DVI adapter, but I also have a Displayport to DVI adapter that I currently use to connect with my Macbook Pro.    I only have one DVI connector on my monitor, so I will be using the Mac Mini through DVI & will use the Displayport/VGA connector for when I need to hook up the...
The continuous scrolling for reading web pages/ books, etc is a pretty nice. Feature. Overall, it looks like they did a nice job on the phone. Certainly nowhere near enough to move me off my iPhone, but a nice job nonetheless. I hope Apple includes the auto-scrolling feature. It looks like a much better way to read on phones.
I know about that, but the article (fourth or fifth paragraph, depending on if you count the text above the graphic) indicates that MS was going to wait to release Office for iPad until after the Windows version. It states that the higher-ups had a change of heart late last year. That's what I'm referring to.
I'll bet that Microsoft had their change of heart right after Apple updated iWork (or whatever the suite is called now) and made it free with all new macs & iOS devices. There are still problems with iWork, but now, with it free across the board, there is a lot less incentive to buy Office Mac, which is a nice little profit center for Microsoft.    Numbers is the weakest of the three apps (in my opinion). For home use, the suite is pretty much good enough to replace...
I have a Sprint iPhone 4S, so I don't have a dog in this fight, but I thought I read somewhere that Verizon's LTE uses an older standard that has a lower top-end speed & they did this because they launched their LTE network earlier.   Also, this is really good news for Apple. These numbers include 'free' Android phones, but not 'free' iPhones since the free iPhone was the 3GS. Now that the 5 is out, the 4 is the free iPhone. This coming quarter will be the first one...
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