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I am not sure that you can schedule innovation. While Apple has hired and kept on staff some of the smartest and most innovative people in the tech industry, I don't see Cook as a guy with a whip lashing his workers to come up with the "next big thing" every six months just to please the tech press circus. Creativity doesn't work that way and neither does Apple.
In related news 2 bogus post in AI's comments were found to be made up stories about the iPad in hospitals. One About Androids and the other about a Microsoft commercial. No links to the stories make them suspect.
Quick, someone invent the iPillow!
This guy looks more like Rush Lameball every day, now he talks like him to.
Oh, no not a dolphin! now I am really mad. or not!
I don't think these people work for Apple. If they read their paycheck they will see the name Foxconn. Oh, right, they don't work for them anymore either. Get a job and leave the politics to the bosses.
OOPS! Some one at Apple forgot to salute. This being a part of procurement in the military the procedure is to kiss as manny asses as possible, and since this the military you have to say thank you sir after you do. (A little wine helpsÂ… as well as a few dead presidents.)
I m really liking my Magic Track Pad. I think that with some work, it could easily become a keyboard.
Ha, Ha. Maybe now you will change your ads
The nets that are stretched between the buildings in the video are meant to prevent birds from flying in through the open air spaces between buildings. They are also there to prevent iPads and iPhones from being dropped to black-market workers from the factory. The nets, if you look at them are not capable of catching a 90lb Chinese girl. This makes the rest of the "reporting" kinda of suspect.
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