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All versions, recently from 10.6-10.10.  Currently 10.10.3. I remember when System 7 came out if that means anything to you.  You know, not a troll, actual fan, etc. No, mine usually does not prompt for new passwords.  It just hangs and fail-connects with "no internet available."  I assumed all Macs do this because mine has done it for years across multiple OSes, when the underlying password changes. I do not want to set it to "never remember" any networks, because that...
Sounds good.  So I select the coffee shop wifi hot spot, which changes password every few days.  Access fails.  What then? Please don't say open System Preferences > Network > Wifi > Advanced > Select wifi (remove) > Apply > Reselect > Enter password.  Clearly I am doing something wrong... because the wrongness of it is almost too much to believe. Kinda like when I use Microsoft Word and Autosave still tells me I ran out of disk space.  Just like it did 15 years ago.  Some...
My Macbook still can't change its wifi password at the coffee shop. That would be acceptable if it were 1997. But wifi is a mature standard. Apple still hasn't caught up to the basics of wifi. Most of the MacOS upgrades in the past 10 years were bloated graphics shells, nothing more.
People who commit home invasion robbery richly deserve death.
Looks incredibly derivative. The wood tables need to go.
Of all things, people are upset by one man's marital issues?   Really?   Many, if not most, of the world's heroes since the dawn of recorded history had marital issues.  Are you sure your problem isn't something you are just ashamed to talk about?
Sounds like his style of consuming popular refreshments was just existentially life-changing. Glad I read that important and weighty info.
A terrible plan that leaves open the possibility that if Apple's sales and profits fall like Zubaz, its shareholders could end up with zero.     I am an Apple fan and it has gone downhill before.
It is actually selling worst in Asian countries. In the US, iPhone is not so much a status symbol. A cheaper one is a good option. In Asia, the 5c is very expensive, and 5s is very VERY expensive. So they might as well get the top model. The 5c would have to be half the price to sell in Asia. As it is, it is a bit of a pointless product I am afraid.
He owns the shares so...  it's his property.  We can cry about it but if we only have 1/1,000,000 as much Apple stock as he does, our opinion matters about as much as an ant on a pile of cow dung.  If you will.   Whether or not Apple buys back its own stock should not move the stock at all.  If it moves up, so much the worse.  That means Apple pisses away more money.  Giving it away to Apple employees is likewise just a leak on the shareholder's wealth.   The...
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