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I suppose Iovine is against FM radio, too.  Deal with it, billionaire.
  Okay, *I* can't make fun of Microsoft because *I* make a *lot* less money than it does.  
I have been using color macs since 1987.  A period of almost 28 years.  I am an Apple fan.   Microsoft has a strong business and does not serve the same role as Apple does.  Microsoft is still the business enterprise solution.  Apple is still the home and educational computing (to an extent) leader.     They are both unspeakably, unimaginably rich.  Now that iOS has addicted much of the world's population, fine.  But Enterprise is just as addicted to MSFT.  You will be...
It would be kind of funny if the movie makers include Laurene Jobs in the movie as a monstrous, evil villain just to spite her hahaha.
Racial quotas are not the answer.  Sorry.  This is a 1970s-era solution.  It breeds racial animosity and a correct perception that races are being treated unequally, and therefore have unequal qualifications and skills (which can be a true statement, in a quota-based regime).  Jim Crow "solutions" do not solve the aftershocks of Jim Crow.   Outreach & recruiting are the answer, BUT, you can't use racist quotas for that either.  Not to be a know-it-all, but, Apple should...
These prices are rapacious and insane.   I use T-Mobile with a phone I brought.  Older iPhones cost around $100.   T-Mobile is $10 per additional family line.  So my cost is around $20 per month all-in, free music streaming, free GSM roaming in many countries (as T-Mobile is not an American company).   People who are paying thousands per year for a phone or two are just stupid.  Or they are richer than I am.
Same s/// different day. Suppliers can do whatever they want, but Apple themselves will drop the idea within months. Which will leave everybody out in the wilderness, again, for the 35th time.
If Apple employees don't want to be searched, maybe they should stop stealing millions of dollars of merchandise.   I continue to believe the New York stores have massive criminal activities there.  It's ok because obviously Apple can afford the losses.  But anyplace $1 million + per day of merchandise moves, in NY, you are going to have issues.  
Apple should vary the search policy by store. They probably feel they can't because of potential "protected class" liability. Certain Apple Stores likely have 0 employee theft. Certain Apple Stores likely have $millions in employee theft. Apple knows exactly which stores have the problem. Likely, New York City stores have sophisticated theft gangs within the Apple employee base itself.
All versions, recently from 10.6-10.10.  Currently 10.10.3. I remember when System 7 came out if that means anything to you.  You know, not a troll, actual fan, etc. No, mine usually does not prompt for new passwords.  It just hangs and fail-connects with "no internet available."  I assumed all Macs do this because mine has done it for years across multiple OSes, when the underlying password changes. I do not want to set it to "never remember" any networks, because that...
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