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Of all things, people are upset by one man's marital issues?   Really?   Many, if not most, of the world's heroes since the dawn of recorded history had marital issues.  Are you sure your problem isn't something you are just ashamed to talk about?
Sounds like his style of consuming popular refreshments was just existentially life-changing. Glad I read that important and weighty info.
A terrible plan that leaves open the possibility that if Apple's sales and profits fall like Zubaz, its shareholders could end up with zero.     I am an Apple fan and it has gone downhill before.
It is actually selling worst in Asian countries. In the US, iPhone is not so much a status symbol. A cheaper one is a good option. In Asia, the 5c is very expensive, and 5s is very VERY expensive. So they might as well get the top model. The 5c would have to be half the price to sell in Asia. As it is, it is a bit of a pointless product I am afraid.
He owns the shares so...  it's his property.  We can cry about it but if we only have 1/1,000,000 as much Apple stock as he does, our opinion matters about as much as an ant on a pile of cow dung.  If you will.   Whether or not Apple buys back its own stock should not move the stock at all.  If it moves up, so much the worse.  That means Apple pisses away more money.  Giving it away to Apple employees is likewise just a leak on the shareholder's wealth.   The...
  Exactly.  So do you really think Apple can generate 400-500B per year in cash?  Are _you_ serious?   Dell today makes 1 billion per year.  If they really do great work, they might get it to 10 billion per year.  Maybe even more.   So yeah... guy... what I said was right... and that's why Dell would have a higher P/E ratio today than Apple.  They have some prospect for profit growth percentage.  Apple has barely any.  It's simple math really.  Thanks for your interest.
 I am well aware of the theoretical basis for buybacks. 50% was my guess at the buybacks that are unadvisable in retrospect, because they boost share prices less than cash value -- sometimes not at all. About PE, I would expect Dell's PE is much higher than Apple, because their prospect for earnings _growth percentage_ is much higher than Apple. If they fix things, earnings could go 10x higher. Not possible with Apple.
Historically, buybacks haven't been very successful. Apple is a relatively high priced stock. Would you devote all your money to AAPL at $510? The cash Apple holds today offers the company staying power and flexibility. They should invest better than 0% interest to be sure. But buying purely its own stock makes returns more volatile for shareholders. There is also a better than 50% chance it simply destroys good cash with nothing to show for it. Because Apple...
I came here just to see how AppleInsider would somehow skew this as positive news. You do realize... today's Apple fans are the same as Microsoft fans were a decade ago? Some people like what's new. Others are stuck go to what's big today. APple is big today. I am tying this on an Apple machine. But seriously, Apple is just another company now.
There are only 2 options: (1) Good guy finds vulnerability (2) Bad guy finds vulnerability Those who attack guy #1 are ensuring that guy #2 will win the day + get your info, and victimize you.
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