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If I were a DHS or DOD warrantless surveillance jerk, I would certainly be intrigued by this Apple technology. Which they would share with feds, presumably.
Face it, everything is about the cash, now. Apple is a mega corporation. It's no longer about fostering something magic. I expect that more and more to come from places outside apple. Right now, a 19 year old kid is in his parents' garage hooking together some electronics.
While it doesn't look good, RIM has the potential to offer innovations. iOS is mechanically very nice but interface wise, it hasn't changed since iOS1. That's going on 5 years ago. Text centrism is still valid today. Would you type a paper on an iPhone, NO a thousand times no. RIM can still be arguably a more enterprise friendly animal than iOS. I used iOS for years and frankly it had nothing more to offer me. I am back to XP and OS 10.6, where I get things...
A lot of nonprofits are extremely inefficient. Some serve mainly to provide cushy jobs for their own workers. It is not certain that donating your money to charity is "good" compared to other things an extremely talented person like Jobs might do with his time and money. Giving money to charity doesn't automatically help ANYBODY. Jobs helped A LOT OF PEOPLE. Probably more than United Way ever has, or ever will. Just as an example. United Way is great. But, we...
It is strange that Samsung joyfully shows their pirated OS and phone design in a national TV ad. I would have thought they would be very shy and evasive about showing their illegal product to a wide audience. Law enforcement could be watching (??)
Look, it's like, a son of a prominent Communist Party official owns a trademark. A Chinese court will rule in his favor. Therefore Apple can either obey Chinese courts or the hurt will be put on them until they do. Of course, this kind of lawsuit in China is ridiculous, but when the aggrieved party is a connected person, there is probably nothing Apple Inc can do. They are probably the most capable Western entity in such a situation. But I really doubt even they have...
If that is the Streak, my work issued laptop should be called the Stain. Ha ha, oh well, at least it runs the creditable WinXP and Office 2007, quite a solid platform.
As S Jobs said, "which market would you sell to?" 30,000 film / TV nerds and pros, or 10 million prosumers like me?
This was neat in a broader sense because the US hasn't been enforcing our anti-trust laws for many years. This merger was so obviously textbook illegal that finally somebody woke up after decades of slumber. I come from the airline industry which was studied in beautiful sophistication by economists in the 1970s-80s. As were railroads. The math, and the laws, on monopoly are nothing new and people will always reach for the precious. Either the govt is there to slap...
"address issues that could cause hangs and excessive memory usage," Apple address that issue? That'll be the day.
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