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If only ATT and T-mobile could have merged! Hopefully all the spectrum can be soaked up, to herd all the American people into ATT's spectrum where they can be slaughtered like pigs? Oh, I mean served?
Unfortunately I patented useless drivel. So, it looks like Apple owes me money for this. So do a lot of other "tech" companies.
an iPad designed for work would have 8GB of RAM and a full size, tactile action keyboard. I'm not sure how you could do my computing loads or even type supervisory emails without a keyboard. Not to say it wouldn't sell... it clearly would sell, probably even without a screen. Macbook Air continues to be the most exciting Apple product for me. And, it's flawed. Screen rez is not good enough and RAM is too light. The future will include actual computing, including...
This is an example of a CEO shaking in fear because social media (including radio programs like This American Life) is pressing the company to face the music, or else lose control of a valuable brand image. It is social media holding capitalism accountable. The slogan that Apple enslaves children would be quite powerful insofar as it is a documented truth. Cook knows this, and is using leadership to try to fix the problem.
In China, they are aware of the concept of "pai dui" (line up), but it is considered to be a display of uncommon civility (imposed by the government perhaps). It is not a baseline expectation. In my view, in the West, we western hotheads had many fights to the death about standing in line. We have some dim awareness that if we thronged like Chinese mobs, we would start raging on each other pretty quickly. There is also the charitable view that China is crowded, so they...
Obviously Samsung is great at basic sciences and manufacturing (which is extremely impressive). But the artistic design of iPhone and iOS has been totally copied and that's obvious. Their user functionality (which is a giantic profit center for Apple) has also been copied. So, financially that is a big twinkie to fight over.
Really? Affluent people like Target a lot from what I can tell.
As impressive as AAPL is, it's by definition one of the more likely stocks to disappoint, especially 3-5 years out. Such growth cannot continue. A piece of knowledge we have is that it can't grow to 1 trillion valuation. I predict they will handle maturity far better than Sony. And Sony was full of highly intelligent leaders in electronics. Eventually the valuation was... near zero. AAPL has one decade down. They are doing great. I say congratulations. Eventually...
It used to be exciting when Apple used to focus on, you know. Computing.
To offer a "deep thoughts" post, evidently companies were 100% right to say social media is important. A CEO can't commit to a pricing action unless he or she is pretty sure the social media will not bitch-slap them so hard their bell will ring for a week. In some sense, this is quite new for CEOs. So they definitely want to learn how to control this, if at all.
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