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Really? Affluent people like Target a lot from what I can tell.
As impressive as AAPL is, it's by definition one of the more likely stocks to disappoint, especially 3-5 years out. Such growth cannot continue. A piece of knowledge we have is that it can't grow to 1 trillion valuation. I predict they will handle maturity far better than Sony. And Sony was full of highly intelligent leaders in electronics. Eventually the valuation was... near zero. AAPL has one decade down. They are doing great. I say congratulations. Eventually...
It used to be exciting when Apple used to focus on, you know. Computing.
To offer a "deep thoughts" post, evidently companies were 100% right to say social media is important. A CEO can't commit to a pricing action unless he or she is pretty sure the social media will not bitch-slap them so hard their bell will ring for a week. In some sense, this is quite new for CEOs. So they definitely want to learn how to control this, if at all.
It is silly to say Japan has some kind of monopoly on cruel or sexually perverse topics. They are about average in these departments. Human beings are not well behaved anywhere.
Hope they have an exit strategy from all this real estate. Apple is certainly doing well today. In 6-7 years, there is just no telling. Anyway, Apple has more money than I do so they are doing something right.
I mean to share the entire iOS user base and their activities with them, with biometric records naturally.
If I were a DHS or DOD warrantless surveillance jerk, I would certainly be intrigued by this Apple technology. Which they would share with feds, presumably.
Face it, everything is about the cash, now. Apple is a mega corporation. It's no longer about fostering something magic. I expect that more and more to come from places outside apple. Right now, a 19 year old kid is in his parents' garage hooking together some electronics.
While it doesn't look good, RIM has the potential to offer innovations. iOS is mechanically very nice but interface wise, it hasn't changed since iOS1. That's going on 5 years ago. Text centrism is still valid today. Would you type a paper on an iPhone, NO a thousand times no. RIM can still be arguably a more enterprise friendly animal than iOS. I used iOS for years and frankly it had nothing more to offer me. I am back to XP and OS 10.6, where I get things...
New Posts  All Forums: