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If they have the energy to complain, I am surprised these workers are so well fed and seem to have educated thoughts. This appears to be progress.
Phone tech was quite developed by 2005 so I suppose Steve did nothing in the phone arena, as well.
LOL, one can imagine the "I'll move" factor. In silicon valley after all.
If Apple made a commitment to pay out ALL its cash in dividends, the loss would be a mere $40 billion in personal income taxes on the investor side. The governmetn would be so happy. Oh, wait. That would be REALLY stupid.
Am I drunk? What does Mandarin have to do with Hong Kong specifically? You do realize more Hong Kongese speak English than probably speak Mandarin? Asia is a big place. They don't all speak Mandarin...
I see more exciting potential at JC Penney than at Apple, as 2012 beckons, to be really honest about it. JC Penney has huge potential to benefit from improved concept and execution. Apple, nowhere to go but down basically. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Remarkable. What will these devices unthink?
Unions are anathema to everything Apple stands for. If people want an incredibly powerless company (that can't hire/fire based on merit, that can't control its expenses) that would not be Apple -- it would be a far less successful company. Predictably, unionists (and trial lawyers) approach successful businesses with hands outstretched precisely because they have destroyed their earlier hosts, and need to feed on new hosts in order to continue living.
This should be Steve's Tomb in NYC and his embalmed body should stand at attention to greet visitors
I had imagined he died more like David Carradine.
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